Captain Nice

NBC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Beware of Hidden Prophets

      The Kincade gang has stolen valuable paintings and it's up to Carter to solve the case.

    • One Rotten Apple
      One Rotten Apple
      Episode 14

      Someone is trying to kill Lloyd Larchmont, a business man with a huge ego.  It's up to Carter and Sgt. Kane to find out who it is.

    • May I Have the Last Dance?

      Carter stumbles (literally) across a band of female fur thieves whose front is a dancing school.

    • Tastes OK But Something's Missing

      Mrs. Nash convinces Carter that Harry Houseman, who was just released from prison is up to no good when they spot him at the post office with large crates. Carter only has one bottle of formula left and has been waiting a month for the one ingredient he needs to make more. His mother convinces him drink it and he finds it was wasted because he couldn't find them doing anything wrong. But mom was right and they are both held hostage while Houseman and his gang loot the post office.

    • The Week They Stole Payday

      The city payroll is stolen in an armored truck heist and it's up to Carter to find the money and the crooks.

    • Who's Afraid of Amanda Woolf?

      Carter must try to decipher a code book dropped by the syndicate so he can find the boss Mr. X. He doesn't know that the real Mr.X is Amanda Woolf, who is currently staying at his house. To further complicate matters, Mrs. Nash is trying to play matchmaker to them both.

    • Whatever Lola Wants

      Carter is trying to work on an experiment in the lab but the club next door has the music cranked up. Little does he know the club is a frontfor a gang and they are usingthe music tocover the sound of them drilling a tunnel into the city jail to help a comrade escape.

    • That's What Mothers Are For

      The city council decides they don't need a police force since Captain Nice is catching crooks. Carter is one of those fired and his mother takes his costume and secret formula so he is unable to transform into CaptainNice leaving Bigtown vulnerable to thieves. The council retracts their decision after the fired police catch criminals stealing a 124 carat diamond.

    • Don't Take Any Wooden Indians

      An explorer hired by the Bigtown museumspent years in the jungle being attacked by wild animals and catching diseases only to get very little money when the museum director pockets a check for thousands of dollars in grant money. He's looking for an out and has to come up with a scheme.

    • Is Big Town Burning?

      Captain Nice spots a man coming out of a burning building. He had put on the wrong clothes in a nearby laundry truck and the arsonist doesn't recognize him and throws an empty gas can to him hoping he would get the blame. It's now Captain Nice's job to track down the arsonist.

    • The Man With Three Blue Eyes

      Joe Kowalski stole two million dollars and hid it before being sent to prison. He's been released from prison but dies before he can tell his crony family where he buried it. It's up to Carter to find the cache and nab a few bad guys in the process

    • That Was the Bridge that Was

      The people of Bigtown are thrilled with the grand opening of a new bridge. During the opening ceremony it starts to collapse and Captain Nice comes in to hold it in place. Checking the make-up of the materials used in the bridge Carter finds that the concrete is mostly made up of oatmeal. The contractors hold the mayor hostage and Captain Nice comes in for the rescue.

    • That Thing
      That Thing
      Episode 3

      Captain Nice drops a bottle of his secretformula on the ground while apprehending some jewel thieves. The bottle breaks and the fluid is ingested by a caterpillar which then goes on an eating spree devouring an entire nursery. After trying everything to catch the caterpillar before it morphs into a butterfly, Captain Nice decides to feed his formula to his pet parakeet which eats the caterpillar and saves the day.

    • How Sheik Can You Get?

      Captain Nice saves a visiting sheik from an assassin. While he's busy looking for the attacker,the sheik takes a shine to Sgt. Cane and wants to make her his 120th wife.

    • The Man Who Flies Like a Pigeon
      Every hero has to have an origin story and this is that of Captain Nice! Meek, mild-mannered police chemist Carter Nash creates a formula that grants extraordinary powers to whomever drinks it. It is not his original intention to drink it himself. He is a shy and unassuming man and prefers to have someone else take on the burden of being a hero. But his attempts to give it to the Mayor of the city are rejected (the Mayor completely misunderstands what the formula does and is in the middle of a crisis: the villain 'Chameleon' recently escaped). Rejected, Carter returns to his lab. But events will not allow Carter the anonymity he desires and soon he'll be forced to take the potion and be transformed into the City's first Super Hero: Captain Nice!moreless