Captain Nice

NBC (ended 1967)





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  • From the creator of Get Smart, Buck Henry, comes this short lived parody of Superheroes. Captain Nice is a slapstick style parody about a man who uses a drug to turn into a Superhero.

    Buck Henry, of Get Smart fame, tried his hand at the Superhero genre with this silly 60s comedy. Don't expect any deep intellectual philosophies or somber humor. It is pure fun for children and adults. The Greatest American Hero was also said to have been inspired by this comedy. In the same vein as Gilligan's Island and Buck Henry's Get Smart, Captain Nice is a police chemist who invents a formula which makes him a Superhero. His mother has crafted an ugly costume so he can maintain his secret identity. HIs uncle is the Mayor as well, and the Police Chief is a complete incompetent. An interesting side note to this series is the fact that it aired at the exact same time as another short lived Superhero parody called Mr. Terrific. Both series lasted only 19 episodes and were not renewed. Of the two, Captain Nice is clearly the better. It has aired on the Comedy network, but you should petition Nick at Nite or the Nostalgia Network to air this long forgetten gem.
  • Campy cool!

    I loved this show as a kid. It was funny in a "Get Smart" kind of way. The suit was also cool. I think William Danials would rather forget this show but it really was a lot of fun. Nobody I know remembers it. It's probably a little politically incorrect now to have a hero drink a drug/potion to get his powers but hey.....