Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 1 Episode 1

A Hero for Earth

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Sep 15, 1990 on TBS
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A Hero for Earth
Earth's spirit, a goddess-like figure, summons five teenagers from different parts of the world to help combat environmental problems. As they work together to stop Hoggish Greedly, they find that they are the source of the ultimate environmental hero: Captain Planet, the symbolic representation of the Planeteers.moreless

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  • Captain Planet... he's our hero!!!! From what is heard, hes gonna take pollution down to zero

    This, the very first episode of Captain Planet, can only be described as a classic. But I guess it depended on your taste of ainmated televison back in the early 90's. In my opinon, back when I was only 5, Captain was outrageously fresh and funny. I remember coming in frony of the tv every time it was on. And still I remember the words to the theme song. The first episode holds few memories for me. I only remember this, a green giant sort of character and this group of young people that reminded me of the Ghost Writer crew. All in all, this was a great episode. Classicmoreless
Clyde Kusatsu

Clyde Kusatsu

Additional Voices

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

Sly Sludge (1990-1993)

Charlie Schlatter

Charlie Schlatter

Various Characters

Tim Curry

Tim Curry


Dean Stockwell

Dean Stockwell

Duke Nuken (1990-1992)



Zarm (1990-1992)

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    • Wheeler: It doesn't seem fair. We didn't make the mess, so why do we have to clean it up? We're not gonna get paid any money.
      Linka: Because, my sweet imperialistic dog, we care! Besides, some rewards are greater than money.

    • Gaia: (waking up after she feels a drop of water come down on her; then she sees that the roof is leaking) My goodness. Can't a Spirit of Earth take a little nap?

    • Captain Planet: Yeah, but I've got a feeling you'll see him agian. And When you do, call me.

    • (After Kwame remembers what Gaia advised them)
      Kwame: We must do as Gaia advised. We must combine our powers.
      Wheeler: Lets do it!
      Kwame: Let our powers combine! Earth!
      Wheeler: Fire!
      Linka: Wind!
      Gi: Water!
      Ma-Ti: Heart!
      (The five powers combine and a hero is summoned)
      Captain Planet: By your... powers combined... I am CAPTAIN PLANET!!! (Flies)
      The Planeteers: GO PLANET!!!

    • Gaia: Don't worry, Planeteers. Though, I need to stay at Hope Island, I will be with you in spirit.
      Wheeler : Fat, lot of good that'll do us in a fire fight! (His ring activates, causing a small fire in the Geocruiser)
      Ma-Ti: Wheeler, don't say "fire" until you mean it!

    • Linka: Saving our planet is yes, a good thing. However, we are but youths. How can we help?
      Wheeler: Hey, I love your accent, babe. You Russian?
      Linka: Soviet. Please. Go away.
      Wheeler: Love it.

    • [Gaia tells the Planeteers what to do if things get out of hand]
      Gaia: Just put your powers together, then you'll REALLY be surprised!

    • Captain Planet: I feel like a brand new hero.

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