Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 6 Episode 12

Delta Gone

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Feb 17, 1996 on TBS

Episode Recap

This exciting adventure opens in Africa. Kwame, Wheeler, and the rest of their friends, are exploring the Garden of Eden. They know that danger is ahead for the animals. Hoggish Greedly and Looten Plunder are behind the plots. Wheeler accidently leaves his microphone on, and Greedly hears them. Greedly orders Rigger to shoot the plane down. Rigger, but the Planeteers escape (as always.) Meanwhile, Gi, Kwame, and Ma-Ti, enter Looten Plunder's diamond mine. They know it is too hot to work downthere. Plunder reveals that Greedly tipped them off about their arrival. The Planeteers escape in a mine car, but it doesn't have no brakes. Plunder tells the Pineheads that their neglagance could hurt people. Plunder says he likes it. The Planeteers escape as usual. Later they call Captain Planet, who puts an end to the ecovillians' schemes. The Planeteers wonder if change will ever come. Time will tell.

The End.
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