Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Sep 17, 1994 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • Planeteer Alert:

      - Solar powered lights, fluorescent bulbs, opening a window andproper freon disposing can help to maintainEarth's protective atmosphere.

      - Save water by taking shorter showers or turning off water when brushing your teeth or do the dishes.

  • Quotes

    • Scriptwriter: We'll get Kath Soucie to loop her voice later!

      Blight: Thees ees terrible! Borsht, oh MY!
      Linka: Bozsche moi! She IS terrible! I hope they get that Soucie person...

  • Notes

    • We learn that Dr. Blight's first name is Babs.

    • Injoke: When Dr. Blight tries to sabotage the film, she takes her sister Bambi's place, badly voicing her role of Zinka. Noticing the poor quality of the voice, the film director and producer suggest they should get Kath Soucie to dub her voice over in post. Linka, also viewing the bad performance, agrees they should indeed get that Soucie person. Kath Soucie, of course, provides the voice of Linka in this series, as well as Bambi Blight in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Blight is seen spying on the movie set from a creepy looking house on a hill. This house closely resembles Norman Bates' house from the movie Psycho.