Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 2 Episode 1

Mind Pollution

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Sep 14, 1991 on TBS
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Episode Summary

Mind Pollution
On vacation, Linka goes to Washington D.C. to visit her cousin and uncle. Unfortunately, trouble isn't too far behind, because Verminous Skumm has brainwashed her cousin into taking a new drug called Bliss, and now Skumm wants to have Linka under his power as well.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Goofs: When Skumm tosses the bottle of Bliss to Boris from his helicopter, the bandages that Gi wrapped on his arms are missing.

      • When Captain Planet rescue's Wheeler, Kwame, and Gi from the addicts, Boris' dead body which was lying right next to them disappears.

      • This is considered one of the darkest episodes of the series, and the only one where a human death occurs on screen.

      • Goof: When Boris rides his bike in front of the other cars, his shirt becomes his red one from the beginning then in the next scene back to his black skull w/party hat shirt.

      • When Kwame uses his ring to knock over the book shelf, he doesn't command it. It just begins working.

      • This marks the 2nd trip made to Washington D.C. The first trip was in the episode Polluting By Computer.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Wheeler: Why is it when the city under siege by zombies, you can never find a cop?

      • Ma-Ti: Wheeler, who is this man? He looks sad.
        Wheeler: That's President Lincoln. Long ago, he freed the slaves and paid with his life.
        Ma-Ti: Then maybe he is sad, seeing his people now enslaved by drugs.

      • (Gi is helping Boris after getting injured)
        Wheeler: Gi, that traitor is the one that got Linka hooked!
        Gi: The drug made him do it.
        Wheeler: Oh yeah? Well, nobody made him TAKE the drug. He did that to himself!

      • (Linka, recovering from the Bliss, is still in tears after Boris' death)
        Wheeler: It's okay to cry. They say withdrawal is the worst kind of pain.
        Linka: Nyet, it is not as bad as losing Boris.

      • (Boris faints, out of energy)
        Linka: Boris? Boris! What is wrong?!
        (Gi checks Boris for a pulse, but frowns in sorrow)
        Gi: The Bliss killed him. I'm sorry.
        Linka: No. You are lying! Boris! It's me, Linka! WAKE UP!
        Wheeler: Linka, he's dead.
        Linka: No. No! NO!
        (she starts to cry on Wheeler's shoulder)
        Linka: Oh, Wheeler!
        (her tears soon turn to anger)
        Linka: (extracts Bliss pills) These things killed Boris! Oh, without Bliss, I cannot stand the pain!
        (suddenly, more addicts break into their hiding place)
        Wheeler: Linka, you have to stand it! You have to use your ring NOW!
        Linka: I cannot!
        Wheeler: Concentrate! Do it for Boris!

      • Captain Planet: Lucky for you, I don't play your games, Skumm. According to my house rules, dealer always loses.

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