Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 1 Episode 22

Mission to Save Earth (1)

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM May 04, 1991 on TBS

Episode Recap

This exciting 2-part adventure opens up as a ship carrying toxic waste in barrels turns over. The Planeteers arrive on the scene and call Captain Planet, who put the toxic waste in a bottle. Planet returns the Planeteers powers.

Later the Eco-Villians steal the Planeteers rings. They take them to Dr. Blight. They create a set of evil rings.

They call Captain Pollution (also voiced by David Coburn.) Pollution arrives and begins his reign of terror on the planet.

The Planeteers befriend Commander Clash, and they are about to return to the GEO Cruiser when Captain Pollution stops them.

TO Be Continued......
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