Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 1 Episode 23

Mission to Save Earth (2)

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM May 11, 1991 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • This is one episode where the eco-villains (including Captain Pollution) were intent on actually "destroying" the Planeteers.

    • Goof: When Captain Pollution lands on the island and meets with Dr. Blight in preparation for the soldiers' attack, Hoggish Greedly (who didn't appear in the two-parter) is briefly seen in the background.

    • After Captain Pollution is defeated by Captain Planet and "returns" his powers, the sphere from which the powers are coming from looks just like the pollution pod that Dr. Blight threw at Captain Planet earlier.

  • Quotes

    • Commander Clash: Wait, soldiers, listen to me! (soldiers stopped) Look around you! Take a good long look! This is the future of the world! If you help monsters like Plunder...
      Looten Plunder: Monsters?
      (soldiers stare at Plunder) Who are you calling monster?
      Commander Clash: You! You and your kind!
      Looten Plunder: Don't listen to him! Money's all that matters. Money and power! (soldiers cheer for Plunder)
      Commander Clash: What good is money in a world destroyed by waste and pollution? Listen to me, until today, I was a lot like you, a soldier paid to do a job without asking questions. What I have learned, there are things more dangerous than missles: there is greed, selfishness, indifference, prejudice. Everything effect that monstrosity stands for. If you join him, THIS is our future. How long can you survive in a world like this? The time to choose is NOW!
      (soldiers drop their weapons)
      Looten Plunder: What are you doing? You fools, we could conquered the world!

    • Kwame: (to Commander Clash) You saw the truth with your own eyes commander. Accept it. This radar station is no longer needed.

    • (After the eco-villains and Captain Pollution have Commander Clash, Ma-Ti and Linka caught)
      Commander Clash: We're trapped!
      Dr. Blight: Finish them off, Captain Pollution!
      Captain Pollution: Say "good-bye" to the planet!
      (Captain Pollution prepares to fire at them with superradiation, but before he fires, Captain Planet blows him away)
      Captain Planet: You're the only one who is finished, Pollution!
      Ma-Ti: (happy) Captain Planet! He's back!
      Captain Planet: This is for you, Dr. Blight! (Blows the eco-villains away)
      Captain Pollution: You are full of hot air, Planet! I'll show you who's boss around here! (Flies)
      Captain Planet: There is no boss around here, Pollution! We're a team! And that's why we'll always beat you! (Also flies. Then he grabs Pollution's neck) I know what you need, Pollution. And I'm just the guy to give it to you.
      Captain Pollution: What are you talking about, fool?!
      Captain Planet: The pure elements of the Earth! I'm gonna give you a taste of every single one!
      Captain Pollution:(panicking) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
      Captain Planet: (dives with him under the ground) First: earth! Then: fire! (Dives with him in earth's lava layer. Captain Pollution grunts in disgust) And for our next element: wind! (Goes up to the surface and spins him quickly) And finally: water! (Throws Pollution in the water. Then he goes in the water and takes him back to the surface) Did you enjoy your bath, Captain Pollution?
      Captain Pollution: (moaning) Have a heart, Captain Planet!
      Captain Planet: Aww! Don't worry, Pollution! Now that you're clean, I'm just gonna put you out to dry! (Drops Captain Pollution, who falls to the ground)
      Commander Clash: (amazed) Well done!

    • (After the Planeteers and the eco-villains summon Captain Planet and Captain Pollution)
      Captain Pollution: Captain Planet, huh? You don't look so tough.
      Captain Planet: Neither do you, Pollution. In fact, you look a little green around the gills.
      (Captain Pollution gets angry and starts to fight Captain Planet)

  • Notes

    • Gaia never appears in this two-part episode, except for Planeteer Alert in this episode.

    • Captain Planet's entrance when summoned: Emerges from a red fireball.

    • Planeteer Alert #1: Commander Clash was a special guest in talking about pollution. Clash says we need to use our money and time wisely.

      Planeteer Alert #2: Keeping our bodies healthy ensure that we will be more able to take care of the planet.

  • Allusions

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