Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 1 Episode 23

Mission to Save Earth (2)

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM May 11, 1991 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • (After the eco-villains and Captain Pollution have Commander Clash, Ma-Ti and Linka caught)
      Commander Clash: We're trapped!
      Dr. Blight: Finish them off, Captain Pollution!
      Captain Pollution: Say "good-bye" to the planet!
      (Captain Pollution prepares to fire at them with superradiation, but before he fires, Captain Planet blows him away)
      Captain Planet: You're the only one who is finished, Pollution!
      Ma-Ti: (happy) Captain Planet! He's back!
      Captain Planet: This is for you, Dr. Blight! (Blows the eco-villains away)
      Captain Pollution: You are full of hot air, Planet! I'll show you who's boss around here! (Flies)
      Captain Planet: There is no boss around here, Pollution! We're a team! And that's why we'll always beat you! (Also flies. Then he grabs Pollution's neck) I know what you need, Pollution. And I'm just the guy to give it to you.
      Captain Pollution: What are you talking about, fool?!
      Captain Planet: The pure elements of the Earth! I'm gonna give you a taste of every single one!
      Captain Pollution:(panicking) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
      Captain Planet: (dives with him under the ground) First: earth! Then: fire! (Dives with him in earth's lava layer. Captain Pollution grunts in disgust) And for our next element: wind! (Goes up to the surface and spins him quickly) And finally: water! (Throws Pollution in the water. Then he goes in the water and takes him back to the surface) Did you enjoy your bath, Captain Pollution?
      Captain Pollution: (moaning) Have a heart, Captain Planet!
      Captain Planet: Aww! Don't worry, Pollution! Now that you're clean, I'm just gonna put you out to dry! (Drops Captain Pollution, who falls to the ground)
      Commander Clash: (amazed) Well done!

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