Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 6 Episode 9

One of the Gang

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Jan 27, 1996 on TBS

Episode Recap

Tnis exciting adventure opens up with a storm. A boat is caught in the middle of the storm. The captain sends an SOS for help. The Planeteers arrive and discover a man is overboard. Gi save the man, and the GEOCruiser is caught in the storm. The Planeteers combine their powers to call Captain Planet, who saves our heroes from the storm. Planet then gets rid of the storm.

Later, the Planeteers call Captain Planet agian, when a fire breaks out at a store. Planet rescues the boy a former gang member. It is revealed that he can't read. All is well again thanks to Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

The End.