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  • What a legacy

    It's not everyday that a reasonably good show comes around and teaches its audience the importance of keeping the environment clean and nature healthy. It most likely got a generation into recycling and being mindful about the environment and others as well. Still it has its flaws. Yes it is preachy at times but it does it for good reasons. After all it was meant to be that way. It shows how greedy and shortsighted people can make unwise choices to serve themselves and mess things up. However it does also offer hope and guidance on how to solve serious problems. Several of the characters could be better/use more development though. It was needed to be simple enough younger viewers to follow.

    For one thing cutting down trees shouldn't be viewed as a crime especially if you are going to use the wood or for some other good reason. Also not all hunters are poachers bent on driving animals to extinction. They're usually selfish/careless people wanting a rare trophy or very poor and often ignorant people trying desparitely to support themselves. Illegal hunting is poaching whether it be killing/harvesting a protected species, using illegal weapons or traps, killing/trapping out of season, or hunting in areas or times when it is forbidden. The writers should've done some more research on that. Other words, it's worth checking out.
  • This show has and always will be part of my childhood.

    I've been in-love with this show since I was very little. I love the characters, I like how they usually put those PSA's about saving the earth (until they stopped it on the last 2 seasons) and... I don't know, I just think the show is great! Remember people: the power is yours!!! GO PLANET!
  • A hippie's favorite show

    Captain Planet is one of those shows that makes you think, i was 12 watching this show and i actually learned to protect mother land some way or the other. I noticed how our heroes from each of the continents of our world fought for the protection of our beloved planet everyweek.

    Parents couldnt tell you to stop watching "those cartoons" because you could tell them "they teach me to protect the environment" and your mother would have to simply go back to her chores.

    An excellent show for the whole family, great animation and great stories. a Must see for all the children n this world.
  • This show tries to teach kids about the environment, which was a nice attempt, but it's polluted with annoying characters and weird stories that have nothing to do with the environment, and stupid jokes by Captain Planet and it falls short.

    Before anyone starts jumping down on me, I to care about the environment and do my best to save the planet. Captain Planet was a cartoon created by Ted Turner that tried to teach kids about the environment and how to save it, but just falls short on many levels. The story centers around 5 teens from all over the world who are each given a ring that is an element by Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Kwame, from Africa, has Earth. Wheeler, From North America, has fire. Linka, from the Soviet Union, has wind. Gi, from Asia, has water. Finally, from South America, Ma-Ti, with the power of heart. all 5 of them combine their powers to create Captain Planet, defender of Earth. Idea wise, the show sounds good, where it fails is the terrible characters, plots that are strange, and bad puns by Captain Planet. The show has good artwork and animation for the time. The animation flows nicely and the artwork has creative characters. Where the show's problems begin is that some of the characters on this show are rather annoying, especially Wheeler. Wheeler is just an idiot who tries to act like a macho man, but he is just an arrogant jerk and never changes at all. The villains have the weirdest and most generic names ever. Seriously, Hoggish Greedily, Looten Plunder, and Sly Sludge? Who's naming these characters? In some episodes, unsuspecting business leaders work with them. OK with names like those, how can they trust them at all? While most of the stories are about saving the environment, there are some that are very questionable for a show aimed at kids. In one episode, it is about gang violence and apparently teaches kids gang slang. What does this have to do with the environment. Then there is the episode that teaches kids about AIDS and unprotected sex. What are they doing telling kids about this stuff? They haven't even hit puberty yet. The fight scenes with Captain Planet while pretty enjoyable is ruined by Captain's never ending bad puns. You can't go 2 minutes without Captain Planet making one bad pun after another that will make you groan. At the end of each episode we are treated to a nice Planeteer Alert which teaches kids about the environment and tips of have to save it. To be very fair, this is a good attempt to teach about the environment, but there is one problem. Kids really didn't pay attention to this, they didn't have a care in the world and when they heard this, they just heard, blah, blah, blah. They just wanted to see cartoons, not so much the environment messages this show gave. I have to also say, as bad as the show is, it has the best closing credits theme ever. I still love hearing that theme every now and then and it's just so catchy that even if you really don't like the show, the theme is something that appeals to everyone. Overall, Captain Planet was a nice attempt to teach kids about the environment, but annoying characters, awkward stories, and poor jokes polluted this show. I do apologize to all fans of this show, but there are better ways to teach kids about the environment.
  • Part of my childhood

    Loved it.
  • My last review for tonight (remember about timezones, on my place, we're about to go to our bed)

    Let's sum this up.

    Plot: Captain Planet, and the planeteers, are embarking in our world to save it's environment. They battle environmentally harmful villains around.

    Characters: Captain Planet's jokes are unbearable. So very unbearable. The villains are cliche and very simple, and most of all, predictable. The others are good though, their voices are good.

    Humor/Action/Educational Value: Humor is bad because of Captain P's poor sense of humor. Action is nice. Now, the educational value, should be aimed at kids 12 and above. The environment propaganda won't do an impact to small little kids. And That_TV_Dude said this (Yeah, saw that episode and made me laugh for a moment) even had one episode about safe sex and AIDS. What is that? Not good for kids. For teens and adolescent kids, it will do. and to hippies and tree-huggers too.

    Art: Nice animation and art, when you're talking about retro-cartoons, when it comes to retro style.

    Overall: 3.5. They should have aimed this for teens more.
  • Possibly the worst cartoon of the 90s.


    Just to warn some people - if you are (or were) a fan of this one - maybe you shouldn't read my review. I won't be kind to this show.

    In the late 80s / early 90s there were some excellent cartoon series that I grew up with. This show was NOT one of them. Most of my friends (including some of relatives) used to adore this show. They would rave on about it (and to tell you the truth - sometimes I kind of felt left out). I couldn't stand this show though. The characters were so bland and the premises were very weak. It was like someone had taken a giant ball of garbage and translated it into a TV program for kids to enjoy (even though I was a kid and I certainly didn't enjoy it).

    I couldn't believe that it was able to stay on TV for more than two seconds - let alone a few years. It was and will always be a bomb.

    My rating is 2/10, one of the lowest scores that I have ever given to any TV show. The only reason why it gets a few points is because it was meant to teach kids how we should conserve or protect our planet (even if it tried and failed miserably). However, at least the animation was better than today's standard.

  • the power is yours

    captain planet was a show that sorta taought kids about how to clean and how to keep clean the envirment around you and used a super hero name captain planet had kids involved with rings that had names like heart and others to call apon the hero to come help them out when they were endangerd. it was pretty cool with plots of the stories they had i watched the show all the time and see all th episodes and at the end of each show they taought kids lessisons about the envirment . which remided me of gi joe in the 80s version .
  • The Power Is Yours!

    Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart?

    I have to wonder why Captain Planet and the Planeteers has lost its popularity over the years. You have to understand that the show was a phenomenon back in the early 90s. It was as big as Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. While the show is still talked about by geeks like me who dive into nostalgia everyday lets not kid ourselves, Captain Planet's not exactly a household name anymore. Perhaps I've answered my own question. Being sandwiched in between the popularity of the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers it's easy to forget Captain Planet in television history with the parental outrage it caused. That's interesting as the show clearly contains elements of the other two whether its multi coloured clothes or summoning something huge to take care of bad guys when things get too tough. I also have to try an imagine Ted Turner and his wife at the time Jane Fonda coming up with an idea for a superhero that saves the environment every week. It's just weird thinking they came up with this together at home. How much of the Captain Planet idea is theirs anyway? It's wish fulfilment for people who support the Green Party but Turner poured huge money to get it developed by production company DIC. The results are interesting…

    Earth is in danger by itself. Gaia, (Whoopi Goldberg) a mystical mother or overseer to the Earth, sees the environment in a state of decay. Something must be done. Gaia or Guinan or what ever her name is summons five magic rings each with a different symbol (earth, fire, wind, water and heart). Is heart an element of the Earth? She then sends these rings across the world to be picked up by five youths. With our group of planeteers we have informative Kwame, sarcastic Wheeler, cynical Linka, understanding Gi and naïve Ma-Ti. They travel round the world in their vehicle fighting what we call eco-villains. They range from poachers, toxic waste disposers, computer mad scientists and more interestingly a villain created from nuclear weapons. Duke Nuken (no not that Nuke Nukem!) was probably the shows trump card in my opinion. Here you have a villain that is not only nuclear but isn't even human. He's a mutant who unlike the other bad guys would blow up the world given chance, so whenever he appeared suddenly Captain Planet had a real challenge. I think now is a good time to talk about the title superhero. When things get too much the planeteers can combine their powers to create Captain Planet who you know will pretty much save the day. A common criticism I'd like to address is that if our hero can be summoned why do they do need the planeteers? I have to jump in and say that Captain Planet's powers are limited as he's just a collection of molecules. He can't stay in one form long enough or he'll brake apart so he needs to return back into the rings in five elements. Hope that puts an end to that criticism. The animation is generally good, the music is cool (although the second part of the end credits music never works) and with Ted Turner in control we get star voices like Goldberg, Martin Sheen, Meg Ryan and even Sting! It's all fun and exciting but there are some problems. One of the main reasons that the show has received so much backlash and negative sighs from critics/audiences is because Captain Planet is a very heavy handed cartoon series. Even at the time I rolled my eyes whenever we got the environmental moral of the day. The characters or situations the planeteers meet feel contrived, which makes the eco-villains come across as two-dimensional. It's not uncommon for the planeteers to be having an adventure only for Kwame to turn to Wheeler to report wildlife figures on elephants as an endangered species compared to those of ten years ago. It only adds to the hilarity of an implausible show about five people trying to save the environment. When the show first aired it also offended parents who felt the messages in the show were contradictory compared to the merchandising. 'Remember to turn off the lights to save energy but buy the Captain Planet lamp shade' or 'don't use plastic but buy the Captain Planet action figures'. Like the second half of those end credits music ("we're the planeteers, you can be one too") it all (pardon the phrase) never rings true even with the best of intentions.

    The series was never the same after it moved to Hanna Barbera, which took away the cool synthesizer music and made the show more cartoony. We have to remember the show had good intentions and there is a lot to like about Captain Planet as a cartoon series. It's ultimately it's own naivety that got in the way of good writing. But for millions of kids watching during the early 90s who wanted to use one of those elemental rings and for it's sheer silliness as an action adventure series I think we can forgive it.

    Go Planet!

    This show was awsome when i was a young girl i watch it and now, grow up, this show reminds me when Cartoon Netwoork (the channel that run this show here in Bs As) was in his "Golden Age" Why? Simple because the channel not only make good Tv shows for kids but educational too this show you can watch it from two different sides
    A) A kid show and a very good one
    B) Educational because reminds us that contamination can damage and destroy our planet and depends from us to keep it clean Bottom line one of the good, and few, tv shows with the "educational" imprint in it Really awsome!!!!
  • Teaching kids to love the planet via junk science and anti-capitolism.

    A cartoon with a political agenda: Stop economic progress around the world.

    This show doesn't even get the facts right. In one particular episode the bad guys put a force field around an island, tow an ice berg near the coast and pump in exhaust fumes to create a greenhouse effect.

    Yes, I know it's a cartoon, but this scenerio is flawed. If you put an icecube in a full glass of water and wait for it to melt then the water level actually goes down. The point of this episode was to show that evil corporations are polluting the planet and causing the ice caps to melt.

    I'm not against someone speaking their mine, but if they're going to do so it would help if they would at least get their facts strait!
  • One of the gayest shows i've ever seen.

    I could not stand waking up, turning on the television, and watching this. It was too painful. This show is major torture to people evrywhere & should never be aired again ever. This is the most gayest show that coul ever air on Cartoon Network. I'm surprized they even aired it.
  • The power is yours. CHANGE THE CHANEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Captain Planet Captain Planet AKA The worst hero of all time and also one the worst cartoons ever,But then again there is zatch bell! and Beyblade. They stink too ! Let me begin first what kind of hero relies on mortals with cracker jack rings .Then you have these hooooorible villains lame crimes ridiculous catchprases and don't let me forget the fact he loses his powers in smog thats right smog you're telling me that you can't whup this loser.Also throw in the fact that Captain Planet has an evil twin-clone something basicaly who cares realy I mean combine all of the elements in the world it won't change the fact that this show stinks. That is why I gave this show a ONE.
  • Preachy, boring, and dull- WHAT more could I ask for in a children's cartoon!

    My review was deleted for no obvious reason the last time, for I can truly say its language was absolutely clean and the review was inoffensive excepting the fact that I stated an opinion which ran contrary to the sentiments of many a Captain Planet fanatic. Before I proceed to my review, and before YOU, the reader, continue reading, I suggest that, if you are a fan and intolerant of reviews that do not strive to please, you leave this page immediately to soak in other sugar-coated "I love this show" reviews. Should you proceed, however, you have NO right to report this review. I repeat: absolutely no right to report this review merely because you disagree with the views expressed.

    This show annoys me to no end. Firstly, it's overly preachy. I hate it that the characters always have to rub it in my face that the world needs my help, that I have to save the environment, and other similar crap. Second, the characters are boring, flat, and lack depth, especially Captain Planet. They aren't even humorous. Oh, I'm ever so sorry if you think otherwise. Usually when I watch a show and see the main protagonists in trouble I can connect with them. In this show, though, I lack any sympathies with the characters- they simply fail in that respect with me. Finally, this show is obviously, blatantly, created by environmentalists. This last fact is especially repulsive to me. Environmentalists are a bunch of hypocrites who hold the delusion that the earth needs more help than the pathetic human race it holds. Naturally this show gives voice to those delusions. The only reason I'm giving it a 5.0 at all is because it is at least is decent and the female characters are respectable compared to those in modern shows. In conclusion, Captain Planet and the Planeteers holds so little appeal for me that, even in my most painful periods of boredom, I cannot be bothered to pick up the remote control to turn to it.
  • It's good--but Captain Planet could have--you know--saved the planet. He just did all the work for the main guys while they lounged around with what looked like five decoder rings out of a cereal box. "The power is yours!" indeed.

    Being an eco-friendly, environmentalist woman myself, I like things that subtly promote environment related themes while still being entertaining or hilarious, "Zanzibar" of Rocko's Modern Life fame comes to mind. Captain Planet tried, but there were just too many things wrong with it to make it environmentally aware. For instance, after they called on Captain Planet. Did the Five Rangers even do anything afterwards? they looked like idiots holding cereal-box brand decoder rings instead of Earth-saving items. Plus, what was Gaia? She looked more like a freaking plot device than a character; she could have had her own spin-off with the rest of the Earth Goddesses. What's next, her sister, Ceres? Captain Planet sounded more like he was the twin of Superman than an actual superhero, and the villains sounded too silly, they must have sounded better on paper than the small screen. They had no motivation other than "destroy Earth, stop the Planeteers". Plus, they made Wheeler into a stereotypical American. I'm not a jingoistic one, but hey, I'm starting to "somewhat" appreciate my country a little more now, and to see Wheeler made me turn away from the TV. short, Planet was good, but it could have been better.
  • One of my all-time favorite cartoons!

    Long ago, I stumbled upon this show that raised environmental awareness. I was captivated by the action, animation, voice acting (LeVar and Whoppee are fabulous!), and the awareness it spreads. Just think, Ted Turner tried to spread environmental cleaning, and you know, we've barely made any progress. I feel that we need this show back on TV since we need to keep cleaning up our world. I place this show as my second favorite cartoon (behind pokemon and beating out inspector gadget). From here on I always remember the famous lines: "Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!" and of course the now immortal: "The power is YOURS!"
  • Take a big clump of dirt and throw it into a swimming pool. Set that pool on fire, then blow on it. Did a silver magic Mark McGrath from a silver magic Sugar Ray manifest and clean up your mess?

    "Captain Planet" is the best thing the anthropomorphic planet of Earth could come up with to combat the rise of pollution. Gaia (said anthropomorphia, who looks like Vanessa Williams instead of Globey from Pee-Wee's Playhouse like she should) couldn't even use her powers to make him specific. He's not "Captain Earth," he's Captain Planet. If she made a superhero who admired hubcaps and collected hubcaps, and all of his actions were direct and specific toward hubcaps, she'd call him "PROFESSOR ITEMS." But here he is, the product of what happens when five teenagers with magical rings do a group hug. They probably just could've punched the bad guys with their ring fists. Hey, I like Earth Day as much as the next guy (I hate Earth Day), but Captain Planet has got to be the worst super hero of all time. Why? His sole purpose in life is to fight pollution. What is his only weakness? Pollution. "I'll stop you, Snobbish Dumpsalot or whoever! You'll never succeed in polluting the river! Wait, what is this, dirty water, noooooooooo"

    Why did the Planeteers give up their rings to make this guy? The Asian girl could drop a tidal wave on your face. But no, they had to stand around for upwards of four minutes per episode, yapping about how awesome Planet is while he lays on the ground grunting with mud on his head. That pretty much makes him worse than every other hero, heroine, kid sidekick, wonder dog, or Mad Magazine parody of such in the entire world. I mean, I know Blecchman isn't going to be of much assistance in this war against broad social attitudes, but at least he'll never get his @$$ handed to him by a crying Indian.
  • This was a childhood favourite of mine....

    I loved Captain Planet when I was little. It was so ahead of it's time with the saving the world from polution and now we need to. I still remember the theme song for it too even though it has been over ten years since I've seen it. My brother's favourite was Heart. I've forgotten who my favourite was.... Either Water or Wind.
    But yeah this was a favourite of mine when I was little and I hated it when it stopped. Anyway yeah I hope they can put it on for this generation... I think they would love it too... Well the kids anyway!!
  • I LOVE THIS SHOWW!!!! It's ALWAYS critsized! IT ACTUALLY HAS A PERPOSE ULIKE SUPERMAN OR BATMAN!!! ((even though i like them too))

    this show is about a man who wants to save the earth. Since it got canceled the world is becoming more polluted. i miss this show, it should come back on!!!It's ultimate. Captaqin planet even has a mullet, and it is green, beat that. Captain planet is always fighting evil for the good of mankind.
    I used to wake up early in the morning to watch it before school, i hated it, but i secretly LOVED it!!!! I dont underdtand why nobldy likes it. Its actually quiite funny. It makes me thinkof running around in kindergarden playin captain planet. Oh good time. Sorry, this is my first reveiw.Its not very good.
  • Why is this show always criticized?

    I've been watching Captain Planet since I was little. I love the fact that it teaches kids about the enviornment and how pollution damages it. I don't understand why this show is constantly criticized. It's an excellent show in my opinion. I love all the episodes, and all the characters. I was so sad when this show got taken off Cartoon Network and moved to Boomerang. I truely miss watching this show. I don't get Boomerang because I only have standard cable with about 95 channels. I wish people wouldn't criticize this show so much, because it's a truely fantastic show! ^_^
  • I completely loved this show, so why doesn't anyone else?

    Yes, the show is about eviremental awareness, but it was one of the best and most entertaining things I have ever seen that pertains to the evirement. I personally loved it, I wanted to be a planeteer, and I guess that's why I am sort of a tree hugger now, but I love Captain Planet so much! Sometimes I even catch it on Boomerang, and start to completely geek out, but hey, that's me the original Planeteer. But, by our powers combined, he is Captain Planet, so others should help out too, to revive the hero of yesterday, Captain Planet!
  • Personal favorite from the 90s.

    The 90s were famous for a lot of things. The cartoons they had in this genre were some of the best in the world. Captain Planet and The Planeteers has to be one of them.

    Now I know a lot of people have been bashing it, saying that it's stupid and everything. But.......did it not show you just how polluted our planet is? Did it not show us just how careless we are when it came to taking care of our planet? Did it not also show us about the outcome of endangered species such as tigers? I know it did to me.

    Also, among the characters, only 1 of them stood out for me. Wheeler: the street smart New Yorker with the power of Fire. Any character that is street smart and funny.....automatically wins my vote as favorite overall character.

    No matter how hard you bash Captain Planet, ya can't deny that you learned something from it. So, if you want children of this generation to learn about the perils of our planet, look no further than this show.
  • Completely asinine. I am stupider for having watched this.

    This show ran in the early 90's, when I was fairly small. It also ran during dinner. I remember eating chicken nuggets and watching this. Anyway.

    At the time, I loved this. I really don't know why. The point of the show was that kids could do something to help the environment, but every time something bad happened, Captain Planet had to go in and save the Planeteers. (In other words, they could not save the planet by themselves. As a matter of fact, they were extremely pathetic.)

    Speaking of the Planteers, who the hell deided the fifth element was Heart? That makes no sense! And you just feel bad for the poor kid who got stuck with it, anyway. I also believe that they made Wheeler, the American, out to be a horrible little jerk.

    The entire show basically made no sense. Don't even waste your time. This is only worth watching if you and your friends need something to make fun of, and even then, you will be stupider for having watched. And, the theme song will get stuck in your head until the day you die.
  • Captain Planet and the Planteers set out to clean up the earth and stop evil doers from polluting the environment.

    The premise of the show is pretty stupid. As a kid I could never get excited about a show that deals solely with environmentalism. But Captain Planet is by far one of the coolest superheroes ever. I never cared much for Superman or Spider-man. I liked the superheroes that did more good for people than just saving them in extreme tragedies. Captain Planet and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fought the good fight, in my opinion. Ok, maybe the turtles were just cool. But anyways, I had all the Captain Planet toys as a kid. I was Wheeler and had his fire ring...because obviously, he was the coolest. I can't wait until this show comes to dvd. I'll be the first person in line spending money I don't have to own this show on video.
  • Five chosen youths are granted five magic rings to protect the Earth from the environmental disasters. When facing a situation that they can't handle, they combine their powers and summon the powerful superhero Captain Planet to save the day.

    “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” was the popular animated creation by billionaire Ted Turner in the early 1990s. The animated series revolved on five chosen youths known as the Planeteers who are granted five magic rings by Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, to protect the Earth from the environmental disasters. When the Planeteers face a situation that they could not handle on their own, they combine their powers and summon the valiant and powerful superhero Captain Planet to save the day. For six years, the animated series offered much amusement and promoted awareness of the environmental damage done to earth every year. Each episode featured a short moral message on ways to help the environment. The show won several awards for excellence in children’s television. The earlier seasons featured well known guest stars like Meg Ryan, Martin Sheen, Jeff Goldblum and Sting providing the voice of the eco-villains. From 1993 to 1996, the show was renamed “The New Adventures of Captain Planet” and featured changes in the voice cast and animation style.
  • What a great classic 90s show. they dont make em like this anymore!

    What a dumb idea. 5 foreign kids battling pollution? with a tounge in cheek magical hero? I'll never work....

    BUT IT DID!!!!

    What a quality show this was. For me personally, it made the 90s.the theme tune, the action, the tounge in cheek humour was all fantastic. I think it is a massively under rated TV show. I mean, compare that to 'powerpuff girls' or spoungebob STINKING squarepants! no contest.

    I especially liked the 'moral of the story at the end' as a 7 year old kid, I really wanted to fight pollution. I made all kinds of small life changes wthanks to cap'n planet.
  • Captain Planet He's Our Hero!!

    They just don’t make shows like this anymore. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart … By your powers combined I am captain planet!! Not only was this a fantastic show, it portrays good messages to the impressionable audience. The slogan of the show is ‘gonna take pollution down to zero’ so as well as being very entertaining its also educational and was defiantly one of my favorite shows growing up and I am bitterly disappointed that it is not still on TV, also it is impossible to find copies of episode which is a real shame the more people that see this brilliant show the better! We must spread the message of Captain Planet!
  • Early 90's. They tried.

    This was a way of trying to get kids aware of the protecting the planet by creating a superhero that was summonned by a group of kids of different ethnic groups who each had a ring of a different element of the earth. And the heros weakness was of course forms of pollution. Pretty much the point of the show was to use a superhero to create planetary awareness in kids.
  • Bless it's heart, it tried.

    There were some good episodes and a fun concept (at least when I was a kid watching it) of having a magical ring that could summon your own personal superhero, but it's preachiness\PCness at times was it's own worst enemy. Some episodes felt like too much of a guilt trip, got preachy, or were just plain stupid (*cough*punk potion episode*cough*). As for the PCness, one thing that annouyed me even as a kid was why was Wheeler, the White American male, the one that almost always had to be in the wrong and had the most flaws? Heck, I'm a mixed race, liberal female and I still found that unfair. Overall, I can appreciate Ted Turner's efforts to teach kids something about the planet and I can definately respect that. The show just wasn't the wonder it thought it was.
  • The Planeteers are summoned by Gaia, a modern rendition of the ancient Greek goddess, to defend the world from pollution, criminals, and natural disasters. ,

    hahah everyone i know used to watch this when they were little. sometimes im chilling somewhere and some1 randomely asks.. "hey remember captain planet.." .. lol i grew up as a kid watching this. i liked wheeler the best lol.. i guess the reaon it was so popular was it was really unique and ahead of it's time when you look at the early 90's .. fanastic creation and is remembered still even to this day..
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