Captain Planet and the Planeteers

TBS (ended 1996)





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  • This show tries to teach kids about the environment, which was a nice attempt, but it's polluted with annoying characters and weird stories that have nothing to do with the environment, and stupid jokes by Captain Planet and it falls short.

    Before anyone starts jumping down on me, I to care about the environment and do my best to save the planet. Captain Planet was a cartoon created by Ted Turner that tried to teach kids about the environment and how to save it, but just falls short on many levels. The story centers around 5 teens from all over the world who are each given a ring that is an element by Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Kwame, from Africa, has Earth. Wheeler, From North America, has fire. Linka, from the Soviet Union, has wind. Gi, from Asia, has water. Finally, from South America, Ma-Ti, with the power of heart. all 5 of them combine their powers to create Captain Planet, defender of Earth. Idea wise, the show sounds good, where it fails is the terrible characters, plots that are strange, and bad puns by Captain Planet. The show has good artwork and animation for the time. The animation flows nicely and the artwork has creative characters. Where the show's problems begin is that some of the characters on this show are rather annoying, especially Wheeler. Wheeler is just an idiot who tries to act like a macho man, but he is just an arrogant jerk and never changes at all. The villains have the weirdest and most generic names ever. Seriously, Hoggish Greedily, Looten Plunder, and Sly Sludge? Who's naming these characters? In some episodes, unsuspecting business leaders work with them. OK with names like those, how can they trust them at all? While most of the stories are about saving the environment, there are some that are very questionable for a show aimed at kids. In one episode, it is about gang violence and apparently teaches kids gang slang. What does this have to do with the environment. Then there is the episode that teaches kids about AIDS and unprotected sex. What are they doing telling kids about this stuff? They haven't even hit puberty yet. The fight scenes with Captain Planet while pretty enjoyable is ruined by Captain's never ending bad puns. You can't go 2 minutes without Captain Planet making one bad pun after another that will make you groan. At the end of each episode we are treated to a nice Planeteer Alert which teaches kids about the environment and tips of have to save it. To be very fair, this is a good attempt to teach about the environment, but there is one problem. Kids really didn't pay attention to this, they didn't have a care in the world and when they heard this, they just heard, blah, blah, blah. They just wanted to see cartoons, not so much the environment messages this show gave. I have to also say, as bad as the show is, it has the best closing credits theme ever. I still love hearing that theme every now and then and it's just so catchy that even if you really don't like the show, the theme is something that appeals to everyone. Overall, Captain Planet was a nice attempt to teach kids about the environment, but annoying characters, awkward stories, and poor jokes polluted this show. I do apologize to all fans of this show, but there are better ways to teach kids about the environment.