Captain Planet and the Planeteers

TBS (ended 1996)





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  • My last review for tonight (remember about timezones, on my place, we're about to go to our bed)

    Let's sum this up.

    Plot: Captain Planet, and the planeteers, are embarking in our world to save it's environment. They battle environmentally harmful villains around.

    Characters: Captain Planet's jokes are unbearable. So very unbearable. The villains are cliche and very simple, and most of all, predictable. The others are good though, their voices are good.

    Humor/Action/Educational Value: Humor is bad because of Captain P's poor sense of humor. Action is nice. Now, the educational value, should be aimed at kids 12 and above. The environment propaganda won't do an impact to small little kids. And That_TV_Dude said this (Yeah, saw that episode and made me laugh for a moment) even had one episode about safe sex and AIDS. What is that? Not good for kids. For teens and adolescent kids, it will do. and to hippies and tree-huggers too.

    Art: Nice animation and art, when you're talking about retro-cartoons, when it comes to retro style.

    Overall: 3.5. They should have aimed this for teens more.