Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Season 1

TBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Heat Wave
    Episode 26
    Dr. Blight attacks Hope Island, utilizing a smog-fueled barge. She creates a huge dome over the island and feeds her smog supply into the dome, creating a "greenhouse" effect which threatens Gaia's life and that of the Island. If things couldn't get any worse, the greenhouse effect prevents the Planeteers from activating their powers and calling on Captain Planet. The Planeteers work to escape their domed environment and summon earth's protector to stop Blight cold.moreless
  • Two Futures (2)
    Two Futures (2)
    Episode 25
    Gaia shows Wheeler the consequences of his not becoming a Planeteer by sending him 35 years into the future. Wheeler meets with the older versions of Gi, Kwame, Linka, and Ma-Ti, seeing their efforts haven't helped the Earth at all. After seeing what Greedly did to Gaia and Hope Island, Wheeler goes back to the past to correct his mistake, realizing that everyone, including himself, can make a difference to save Earth, reuniting with the other Planeteers, as they try to stop the eco-villains, who have escaped into the time pool.moreless
  • Two Futures (1)
    Two Futures (1)
    Episode 24
    Hoggish Greedly and Rigger's latest plan is to use Dr. Blight's time pool in Antarctica to go into the past and build a series of factories all over the world to speed up the production of greenhouse gases before pollution laws went into effect. When the Planeteers intervene, Wheeler and Dr. Blight are trapped in an ice collapse and are in danger of running out of oxygen. With her time pool still operating, Dr. Blight manipulates Wheeler into going back in time to prevent himself from becoming a Planeteer. He does so, but causes a huge change in the timeline that's sure to doom the entire Earth. Initially, Wheeler doesn't care, feeling he doesn't have to be a Planeteer, but Gaia takes him into the future to see the consequences of what he's done.moreless
  • Mission to Save Earth (2)
    Now with Commander Clash on their side, the Planeteers convince him to use his powers to serve and protect the environment, and to help them recover their rings from the eco-villains by using technology to create synthetic versions of their powers. Teamwork is the theme when it comes to determining a way to stop Pollution and the eco-villains.moreless
  • Mission to Save Earth (1)
    The Eco-Villains team-up and, united, steal the Planeteers rings, and with them, their powers. The teens are stranded on the island of Commander Clash, a cold calculating military mind. He is tricked into going after the Planeteers by Blight, and succeeds, capturing Ma-ti and Gi. Without their powers, Planeteers are soon overwhelmed. Elsewhere, Dr. Blight creates dark variants of the power rings, and together, the eco-villains summon a dark, evil version of Captain Planet, dedicated to laying waste [literately] to the earth: CAPTAIN POLLUTION!moreless
  • Population Bomb
    Episode 21
    In a dream about overpopulation, the Planeteers (especially Wheeler) learn a valuable lesson about the world's population and its effects on the environment. Wheeler dreams about a place called Miceland, an island run by humanoid mice, which is the epitome of what can happen to the world if its population and overconsumption isn't slowed down. This dream proves useful in its unintended purpose: changing Wheeler's attitude towards having a large family.moreless
  • 4/20/91
    Looten Plunder establishes himself as a notorious war-monger when he frightens two Middle Eastern villages into giving up every valuable thing they own to buy weapons to destroy each other. The sons of the village's leaders try to provide voices of reason.
  • The Ozone Hole
    The Ozone Hole
    Episode 19
    Duke Nukem sets out to destroy the ozone layer over Antarctica so he can feast on the sun's dangerous ultra-violet rays. He plans on doing this by using a factory to rip open the freon containers on refrigerators in order to release the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) that eat away at the ozone. Captain Planet and the Planeteers battle to protect the Earth from Nukem's deadly radiation.moreless
  • Kwame's Crisis
    Episode 18
    Kwame questions his usefulness as a Planeteer when he is unable to convince the people of a small town to stop Sly Sludge from burying the town in garbage. A disillusioned Kwame's faith is restored however, after a young girl makes a brave effort to save his team mates from Sly's giant trash compactor. Kwame returns to the fold, and rescues all of them. Whilst Captain Planet is summoned to bury Sly's Sacred land spoiling for good..moreless
  • 3/2/91
    In this eco-villain team-up episode, Dr. Blight, Looten Plunder, Verminous Skumm and Hoggish Greedly, all make plans to inject poisonous pollution into America's water supply. Soon enough, their plan begins to bear fruit, with people soon dying from total dehydration, because of the polluted waters, only Captain Planet can replenish the water back to its pure state, and put an end to the "Pollution Syndicate" before they cause a nation wide drought.moreless
  • 2/23/91

    Dr Blight and Sly Sludge hack into government computers and reclassify America's nature reserves as toxic waste dumps. And, as if that wasn't enough, they also make it look as though THEY are the eco-warriors and the Planeteers are the ones engaged in illegal pollution.

  • Smog Hog
    Smog Hog
    Episode 15
    Hoggish Greedly gets his son a smog hog for his birthday. The locals see it, and decide they want one of their own, and Greedly suddenly sees dollar signs. He hijacks a factory, run by Dr. Goodair, the creator of a fuel-efficient automobile, so he can assemble more smog hogs to be sold. The only ones capable of stopping him in his tracks are the Planeteers.moreless
  • Meltdown Syndrome
    Meltdown Syndrome
    Episode 14
    Duke Nukem infiltrates a Nuclear power plant and triggers a meltdown. The Planeteers have to cool the plant down before the Planet is covered in the most dangerous form of fallout...
  • Plunder Dam
    Episode 13
    Looten Plunder cons an African village into thinking his installation of a dam and hydroelectric power plant will bring a more pleasant way of life to the villagers. The villagers don't realize that he has actually cut off the water supply, devastating their crops, killing water life, and leaving land animals thirsty. The Planeteers must stop Plunder and help the villagers return to a more familiar way of living.moreless
  • A World Below Us
    Episode 12
    Gi is knocked unconscious while investigating ocean pollution. She is rescued by an inhabitant of a secret underwater city called Oceanus. Since Sly Sludge's illegal toxic dumping operation is polluting the surrounding waters, both the sea life and the underwater city are in danger of being destroyed. The Planeteers must race against time to find Gi, and use teamwork to save the people of this underwater paradise.moreless
  • Littlest Planeteer
    Littlest Planeteer
    Episode 11
    Jason, a 9 - year old boy, desperately wants to be a hero, and nearly pays dearly to accomplish this when he takes Wheeler's ring to try to prove his heroic worth as a Planeteer. Eventually, he and the Planeteers battle and defeat Dr. Blight and her devastating Smog creature.
  • Volcano's Wrath
    Episode 10

    Sly Sludge thinks he has the answer to the world's trash problem: dump all the garbage into a Volcano on Laipuno Island, using it as an incinerator. Knowing the natives object to this, he pulls a phony trash shrinking scam as a cover. The volcano soon erupts, and the Planeteers and Captain Planet have to rescue the Island natives.

  • Tree of Life
    Episode 9

    Dr. Blight and her robojacks chop down the "Tree of Life" and she taps the trees extraordinary powers to become Super-Blight. With her new powers Blight will destroy the ancient redwood forests, unless Captain Planet and the Planeteers can stop her.

  • The Dead Seas
    The Dead Seas
    Episode 8
    Hoggish Greedly has set up a super drift net in the sea, trapping all sea life. Gi sees this on Planet-Vision, and storms out of the crystal chamber, tripping over Kwame. He refuses to let her take Greedly alone, so they both go to stop him. Eventually, Captain Planet is needed, and this provides Greedly with the break he needs: capture the Planeteers and their rings, to prevent summoning him again.moreless
  • The Last of Her Kind
    The Planeteers go to Africa to defend its elephant population against Looten Plunder. They also meet a baby elephant along the way, and protect it from Plunder's poaching before he kills it and uses it's tusks to forge and distribute dozens of Ivory trinkets.
  • The Conqueror
    Episode 6
    A comet hurtles towards earth, crashing into a deep forest and creating a devastating fire. The Planeteers exstinguish the danger with the aid of Captain Planet, and then they investigate what caused such a thing. Stumbling across the asteroid, the Planeteers are shocked to discover it is in fact, a spaceship, and that it carries an occupant, Zarm. He offers the Planeteers the ultimate increase in power, taking the form of Iron Gauntlets. The Planeteers become corrupted by this power, and Zarm, (in reality, the exiled predecessor to Gaia), takes advantage of their new-found lust for glory. It's up to Ma-ti (the only Planeteer to refuse Zarm's offer) and Gaia to stop the remaining Planeteers before Zarm coaxes them into destroying a nuclear missile base.moreless
  • Deadly Ransom
    Episode 5
    Dr. Blight and Duke Nukem stage a phony bomb threat to lure the Planeteers into the Arctic. After they summon Captain Planet, the villains are able to trap him and hold him for ransom, with the potentially critical cost to earth for his freedom is looming in the balance.....
  • Skumm Lord
    Episode 4
    Venomous Skumm introduces his new formula, rat rot, into the local water system. It transforms anyone who comes into contact with it into mutant rats. Skumm's goal is to turn the earth into a planet-wide vermon carrier. His plot can only be countered by the Planeteers and Captain Planet, but not before some of them accidentally get a dose as well.moreless
  • 9/29/90
    Upon looking at the destruction of rice patties in Thailand on Planet-vision, the Planeteers are prompted to race to the location to investigate. They soon discover that Hoggish Greedly and Rigger are using the country's ancient, legendary Phi Pok dragon beast to instill fear and create destruction as a cover for their strip mining operation. They're robbing temple ruins of its gems.moreless
  • Rain of Terror
    Episode 2
    Verminous Skumm turns a shut down coal factory into an acid rain making station by using a special acid rain making chemical. This chemical speeds up the acid rain process. The Planeteers go to shut Skumm down, but without the help of Ma-Ti. Ma-Ti has developed a size complex, and is feeling down because he feels he is too small. When the Planeteers are trapped, Ma-Ti must find a way to get past his complex to save his friends.moreless
  • A Hero for Earth
    Episode 1
    Earth's spirit, a goddess-like figure, summons five teenagers from different parts of the world to help combat environmental problems. As they work together to stop Hoggish Greedly, they find that they are the source of the ultimate environmental hero: Captain Planet, the symbolic representation of the Planeteers.