Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Season 3

TBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • The Night of the Wolf
    The ranch of Lon Talbot is under attack from wolves, and the Planeteers are called in to investigate. Talbot blames the attacks on a local occult known as "Friends of the Wolf," a group dedicated to reintroducing wolves back into Yellowstone national park, after they were forced out when the park became an attraction. The Planeteers investigate further, resulting in a confrontation with a mechanical "robo-wolf," owned and operated by Looten Plunder! Captain Planet, with the help of REAL wolves, bring an end to the robo-wolf's rampage before further destruction can be caused.moreless
  • 11/28/92

    To prove to Duke Nukem that the human race will self-destruct; Verminous Skumm steals and plants nuclear devices in war-torn areas across the globe. He then plays a little war gaming and gives triggers to the warring factions in those areas. With a potential Armageddon on their hands the Planeteers race to make the opposing sides in each location see peace before they act on war.

  • A Formula for Hate
    Episode 11
    Verminous Skumm brainwashes a high school into thinking that AIDS is contagious & dangerous. The Planeteers help out a star basketball player who is accused of having the disease. Captain Planet makes a speech to the crowd about AIDS awareness.
  • Hog Tide
    Episode 10
    In this story, we supposedly learn of Captain Planet's REAL first adventure... Gaia recounts how Hoggish Greedly's "Godfather" grandpa, Don Porkaloin, built Decco developments too close to the oceans threatning the sea-life. What shocks the Planeteers is that Gaia reveals she brought forth eco-warriors - 1940s counterparts of the present day Planeteers - to stop Don Porkalion. These Planeteers could also summon Captain Planet, who went about de-constructing Porkaloin's deccos. The Planeteers are left confused about whether or not Gaia's story was real, totally missing the point about building too close to the water.moreless
  • Canned Hunt
    Episode 9
    The Planeteers are vacationing on a cruise, where they meet Trevor, a big game hunter. Linka, totally misunderstanding Trevor's reasoning for enjoying hunting, takes an immediate disliking to him. They soon discover that Greedly is running a bogus "hunting" business, where tamed animals are being used (and slaughtered) to allow his clients to enjoy the ultimate hunting experience. The Planeteers and Captain Planet are captured, but Trevor comes to the rescue and helps turn the tables on Greedly.moreless
  • 10/31/92
    The Planeteers travel back in time of pursuit of Hoggish Greedly and Sly Sludge, who intend to purchase the Grand Canyon decades before it becomes a landmark and use it as a land-fill
  • The Guinea Pigs
    The Guinea Pigs
    Episode 7
    Dr. Blight, who is doing inhumane experiments for a makeup company, is troubled by the Planeteers and the makeup company's owner. Dr. Blight tries to use them as her guinea pigs.
  • Bitter Waters
    Episode 6
    When visiting Skyrunner (from "Stardust"), the Planeteers come across a faulty irrigation project, engineered by Looten Plunder, who has manipulated the Tribe into allowing him to put the project into effect. Blinded by promises of riches, new jobs, and a good harvest, the Tribe must be convinced by the Planeteers that the project is more destructive than productive, before Plunder drains them of their water, and thier livelihood.moreless
  • The Dream Machine
    Episode 5
    Carlos, a farm boy on a small island, becomes jealous of his cousin's return from the big city. He is given the power to wish for anything he wants from Zarm, who calls himself the Dream Maker. To impress a girl that he likes and to get back at his cousin, Carlos wishes for things that will gain her interest. Soon the whole town discovers the Dream Maker, and they all want something big. Blinded by greed, the townspeople fail to realize that their natural resources are being drained in order to create the things they wish for. They soon learn the effects of this, but the Planeteers need Captain Planet to get rid of Zarm, and quell a near war between the townspeople and the villagers in the hills, who also want a piece of the Dream Maker.moreless
  • A Perfect World
    Episode 4

    The Planeteers are given a tour of a new "Perfect World," a world with no pollution, clean farming and little potential for environmental backlash. All is created within a computer environment, but Dr. Blight and MAL infect this would-be "paradise" with a shot of viral pollution...

  • The Deadly Glow
    Episode 3
    The Planeteers have little time to track down a radioactive isotope that was released by two capsules from an old chemotherapy machine. But where there's radioactivity, there's Duke Nukem, and he's already got his hands on one of the capsules. Now the Planeteers must find the two little children that took the other capsule before Nukem does.moreless
  • 9/19/92
    Gi, while repairing the Eco-Sub, became irritated with Suchi's presence, and ignored his warning to install the new part to the sub's turbines. Now, they have no control over it's direction. This causes problems when they go after Sly Sludge, who is dumping toxic waste into an Asian sea. The waste causes mutations in the sea life, especially a squid, which grows large in size, and begins to attack people, and later a nearby city. The Planeteers must stop Sludge's illegal sea dumping, and rescue the city from the mutated creature.moreless
  • Greenhouse Planet
    Episode 1
    When Dr. Blight develops a new rocket fuel to assist in NASA'S planned mission to Venus, she comes under the watchful eye of the Planeteers, who know the fuel will only hasten the degeneration of the ozone layer. But Blight is able to maintain her cover when the President of the United States himself arrives to oversee production of the fuel. Due to security, the Planeteers cannot get near the President without causing concern, so they cause a distraction to get Ma-Ti and Kwame inside the compound. As they warn the President, Blight and MAL become wise to the Planeteers' presence and launches the shuttle prematurely, with Kwame, Ma-Ti, and the President inside. They summon Captain Planet, whose powers are later drained by the craft's fuel. When he tries to return the Planeteers' ring powers to them, Kwame and Ma-ti are out of Earth's orbit, forcing him to reform with only Earth and Heart powers. With his powers significantly reduced, Cap must now use his wits to find a way to stop Blight, while Kwame and Ma-Ti try to save themselves and the President from crash landing on Venus.moreless