Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Season 4

TBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • 'Teers in the 'Hood
    'Teers in the 'Hood
    Episode 22
    An old friend of Gi's, a teacher, is caught up in a gang war and nearly killed, so the Planeteers infiltrate the two feuding gangs and try to put a stop to the cycle of violence, which may prove easier said than done.
  • No Horsing Around
    No Horsing Around
    Episode 21

    As part of a traditional quest, one of Ma-ti's Native American friends ventures into the desert to tame a wild horse. Ma-ti, accompaning him, set out, only to be captured by Hoggish Greedly, who has illegally crossed onto Indian land to round up the wild horses for slaughter

  • Orangu-Tangle
    Episode 20
    The Planeteers fight off poachers to save an infant orangutan and it's mother.
  • Planeteers Under Glass
    A scientist invites the Planeteers to participate in a new eco-experiment, but they all soon fall victim to another scientist - Dr. Blight, who makes one minor change to the experiment - they can't get out!
  • High Steaks
    High Steaks
    Episode 18
    Looten Plunder sends his eco-outlaws to prevent the Paradise Ranch from proving that raising cattle can be an environmentally-sustainable business. When the Planeteers join the cattle drive, Plunder and his men start a stampede that threatens to turn the Planeteers into cow patties. source:
  • Jail House Flock
    Jail House Flock
    Episode 17
    Hoggish Greedley gets a permit to develop a wetland habitat while destroying some endangered species. When the Planeteers & Captain Planet try to stop Greedley's plan, he has them all sent to jail for trespassing. At the sheriff's office, Rigger disguises himself as a deputy. Greedley decides to let the Planeteers go, but not Captain Planet. Then as the sheriff came back, Greedley told him the Planeteers escaped. The Planeteers decide to investiagte to frame Greedley & free Captain Planet. The sheriff was so glad the endangered species were saved, they named the wetland for Captain Planet & the Planeteers.moreless
  • Going Bats, Man
    Going Bats, Man
    Episode 16
    Panic strikes in a small town when killer bats are reported to be on the rampage. A frightened public sets out to gas an entire bat colony for alleged crimes, and it's up to the Planeteers, and a local bat expert, to prove that these gentle creatures are not bloodthirsty vampiresmoreless
  • You Bet Your Planet
    You Bet Your Planet
    Episode 15

    The Planeteers are forced to compete against the Eco-villains in a strange gameshow, where the prize is the freedom of Captain Planet.

  • Bug Off
    Bug Off
    Episode 14
    Verminous Skumm unleashes a hoard of Superbugs, an offshoot of boll weevils resistant to pesticide
  • Gorillas Will Be Missed
    An African boy from the future uses a virtual reality game and opens a door to the past where Looten Plunder is behind gorillas being poachered. He helps the Planeteers. The Planeteers call Captain Planet when things get out of hand.
  • Bottom Line Green
    Bottom Line Green
    Episode 12
    A man who owns a small french fry company, his son is under the influence of Hoggish Greedly and Rigger not to have is father turn the factory "eco" friendly. When some strange accidents occur, the planeteers think the son is behind them, since the son and the father never got along, but they soon learn it was Greedly.moreless
  • The Energy Vampire
    The Energy Vampire
    Episode 11

    Dr. Blight transforms Duke Nukem into an energy vampire, and he soon begins attacking all of North America's energy housing facilities, can Captain Planet pull the plug on Nukem?

  • Talkin' Trash
    Talkin' Trash
    Episode 10

    After receiving a letter that his father is ill, Wheeler heads back to New York. While there, he tries to mend the broken relationship with his father, and runs into his ex-girlfriend, who is now heading down the wrong path, thanks to her ties with Verminous Skumm.

  • I've Lost My Mayan
    I've Lost My Mayan
    Episode 9
    Transported to ancient Maya, Ma-Ti is captured and mistaken for the son of environmentally minded rebels...
  • Future Shock
    Future Shock
    Episode 8
    Criminals from the future travel back in time to prevent environmentally-sensitive technology from being distributed on the open market, the Planeteers confront them
  • Sea No Evil
    Sea No Evil
    Episode 7
    Gi, whilst visting a Dolphin research facility, discovers the Dolphins are being used to recover toxic chemicals from a sunken Nazi Warship being used by Hoggish Greedly.
  • Wheeler's Ark
    Wheeler's Ark
    Episode 6
    The soft-hearted Planeteers have been collecting homeless animals from around the world, and when Gaia sends them on a trip to return the endangered species to the wild, they find that the animals' habitats are in severe danger. To Gaia's surprise, instead of releasing the animals, the Planeteers return to Hope Island with a Geocruiser so full that Noah would be proud.moreless
  • The Unbearable Blightness of Being
    (synopsis credited to Time Warner's Captain Planet site) Dr. Blight uses her latest and most devious device to zap herself into Gaia's body and literally control the world. While Gaia-Blight wreaks havoc on Earth, the real Gaia, who has been transported into Blight's body, must convince the Planeteers to help her regain her own body and put a stop to the global destruction.moreless
  • Missing Linka
    Missing Linka
    Episode 4
    While the other Planeteers deal with a toxic spill in small town USA, Linka gives up her ring and returns home to be with her grandmother who has become mysteriously ill. Will the Planeteers be able to oontinue their noble quest without the power of wind?
  • I Just Want to Be Your Teddy Bear
    In a story laced with magic and mystery, Hoggish Greedly and Rigger head south for Mardi Gras where they disguise themselves as ancient voodoo gods and poach Louisiana black bears in the bayou.
  • A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (2)
    The Planeteers are still trapped in the mine while Captain Planet is still fighting Captain Pollution.

    As they try to get out of the mine, Kwame, Linka, Wheeler & Gi reveal their childhood stories along the way.

    When they got out, the Planeteers nail Plunder with help from federal agents. Then they go back to Commander Clash's island to help Captain Planet out.

    Captain Planet beats Captain Pollution by soaking him into some clean lava. And Pollution is gone again!moreless
  • A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (1)
    The Planeteers argue what to do. Either go to Africa & save the animals or go to North America to save a rainforest. Gaia tells them that's there's an emergency at Commander Clash's island. And also that Looten Plunder's up to no good as well.

    At the island, Captain Pollution returns to fight Captain Planet causing destruction around the world.

    Meanwhile, the Planeteers try to stop Plunder, but Plunder puts them in a trap inside the cave with no way out.moreless