Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Season 5

TBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Who's Running the Show?
    The planateers are watching a comedy show that teaches people how to take better care of the earth, something which angers the eco-villians immensely. They head down to the studios and take over the show, turning it into something that caters more to what they do best: laying waste to earth, can Captain Planet pull the plug on this bogus broadcast?moreless
  • Nothing's Sacred
    Nothing's Sacred
    Episode 12
    Ma-Ti must rely on the spirits of his Native American anecestors in order to find Venomous Skumm, who has stolen a sacred relic.
  • Numbers Game
    Numbers Game
    Episode 11
    It's Wheelers Birthday, and a trip to Coney Island is delayed due to a eco emergency, so instead they go to an Eco Park. Wheeler, who is tired, falls asleep on a tunnel of love trip with Linka, and dreams he is a father with 6 kids, and one on the way, and Hope Island is destroyed by over consumption, and the Planeteers and Captain Planet don't care anymore.moreless
  • No Small Problem
    No Small Problem
    Episode 10
    The Planeteers threaten to expose Sly Sludge's latest operation: To captilise on a recent landfill crisis and promote and distribute his new Garbage reducer, a device which can shrink garbage! Determined to prevent the eco-warriors from spoiling his plans, Sly shrinks them down with the reducer. Casting them off into a virtual "sea" of refuge, sly now beleives that the Planeteers are now too SMALL a problem to deal with his BIG ambitions. [Bad Joke there] But the Planeteers are reseliant, even in this strange, bigger world filled with Seagulls that are the size of giants,and where trash represents the earth they stand on, they forge on to stop sly's plot at all costs, but will they perish in thier attempt?moreless
  • In Zarm's Way
    In Zarm's Way
    Episode 9
    Zarm returns yet again, this time to test how "good" humans are, he tells Gi that, in order to save two children whose lives are at stake, she must somehow convince him of the goodness in human beings. Pushing his experiment up a notch, zarm uses the power of hatred emitting from the parents of the children to transform the once; innocent kids into REAL "Little Terrorsmoreless
  • Little Crop of Horrors
    A vine designed by nature to control the rate of erosion is altered by Dr. Blight, using a stolen growth enhancement ray which she "apprpriated" from a research lab. Blight then introduces the mutated vine into a new eco-system, where it transforms into a giant, ravenous plant, hungry, it sets it's sights on a nearby villiage. Can the Planeteers cut this plant down to size? [Bad Joke, BAD JOKE..]moreless
  • No Place Like Home
    No Place Like Home
    Episode 7
    Dr. Blight abducts Gaia and transforms her into a homeless person, the Planeteers and the now powerless Captain Planet must locate Gaia and return her to Hope Island by sunrise or the Earth will lose it's spirit
  • A River Ran Through It
    Hoggish Greedly and Rigger use some slippery sabotage tricks to ignite a war between two opposing sides of loggers and salmon fishermen, can the Planeteers make the two sides see eye to eye? Only Captain Planet can stop Greedly and Rigger, and Planet prevents a war between the loggers.
  • Horns a'Plenty
    Horns a'Plenty
    Episode 5

    The Planeteers face off against Lootin Plunder and Mama Slaughter , who have joined forces with a group of poachers determined to pick off the horns of endangered rhinos

  • Disoriented Express
    Dr. Blight kidnaps the wealthy benefactor of a new smog reducing railway system, and threatens to sabotage the entire project.
  • The Ghost of Porkaloin Past
    When Hoggish Greedly inherits his grandpappy Don Porkaloin's estate, he builds a water wasting golf resort in the desert. The Planeteers join forces with Porkaloin's faithful old groundskeeper to try and pull the plug on the big pig but soon find themselves in over their heads.
  • Hollywaste
    Episode 2
    The Planeteers go to Hollywood to appear in a environmental thriller, and find out that big-budgets can lead to big waste. With the Planeteers trying to clean up Hollywood's act, a series of strange accidents occur... and the #1 suspect is none other than movie star Bambi Blight, Dr. Blight's younger sister!moreless
  • Twilight Ozone
    Twilight Ozone
    Episode 1
    While studying the effects of ozone depletion, the Planeteers encounter scientists in the Australian Outback who are experimenting on new life forms that thrive on deadly levels of UV radiation. And when their prize specimen, Duke Nukem, goes on a radioactive rampage, the Planeteers are forced to give him the slip, slap, slop!moreless
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