Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Season 6

TBS (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Greed Is the Word
    Greed Is the Word
    Episode 13
    Engines are revving up for a giant speedboat race through the Florida waterways. Unfortunately, the race threatens the endangered manatees who live in these backwaters. As usual, the Planeteers try putting to stop the eco-catastrophe. Only, this time they get some unlikely help from Wheeler's favorite TV stars, Danny Dazzleduff and Belinda Bubblebutt from Babe Watch, when they discover that Hoggish Greedly is behind a plan to get rid of the manatees.moreless
  • Delta Gone
    Delta Gone
    Episode 12
    Traveling through the lush, African Okavanga Delta on a documentary film-making expedition, the Planeteers come across a makeshift dam, and pipelines which are diverting the life-giving water away from the delta, leaving it a parched desert. In their ultra light planes, the Planeteers and their friend Rick search for the culprits. But when they are shot down by the Eco-villains, it could mean the end of the line for our heroes!moreless
  • Never the Twain Shall Meet
    The Planeteers head South to meet their pal Milton who plans to show them all he's doing to preserve the endangered Mississippi River. But Ma-ti doesn't want a guided tour. He has delusions of experiencing the Mississippi like Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer did in the old days.
  • Twelve Angry Animals
    The Planeteers are climbing Mount Everest in the Himalayas when they follow a snow leopard and fall into a cavern where they encounter a Yetti among 12 extinct or endangered animals, all of whom can speak, and begin to judge not only the Planeteers, but the entire human race. They go back from the Ice Age and various other time periods where the animals were either hunted or had their habitats destroyed by humans resulting in their extinction or becoming endangered. This episode is used to educate both of the past, present, and future for the viewers it explains how we can have everything one day and lose everything later.moreless
  • One of the Gang
    One of the Gang
    Episode 9
    When Captain Planet & the Planeteers save a ship from a storm, Senor Cisnernos offers the Planeteers a free vacation at his South American hotel.
    One of the employees mistakes Ma-Ti as a local riff-raff. But Ma-Ti decides to take a walk away from the good life.
  • Old Ma River
    Old Ma River
    Episode 8
    While visiting India to do research on pollution in the sacred Ganges River, the Planeteers and thousands of others come down with a mysterious illness. Only Wheeler, who has been off exploring the city on his own, is not sick. However, when he starts receiving mystical visions from the Hindu gods, Hanuman and Ganesha, his newfound friend Lita wonders how well he really is.moreless
  • Dirty Politics
    Dirty Politics
    Episode 7
    It's twenty years in the future, and the Eco-villains are older, but certainly none the wiser. What's worse, they're all running for president, and they've kidnapped the future Planeteers so nothing can be done about it! Will anyone be able to stop the Eco-villains from turning the White House into the Blight House?!?moreless
  • A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find

    Using her latest time travel device, Dr. Blight returns from 20 years in the future back to the present to warn HERSELF that the world has become... peaceloving! In a last ditch attempt to restart the Cold War, the two Blights hijack a load of plutonium from dismantled warheads and escape back into the past to sell nuclear bombs to the highest bidder.

  • 5-Ring Panda-Monium
    The Planeteers join the circus while trying to rescue some stolen pandas.
  • Frog Day Afternoon
    Frog Day Afternoon
    Episode 4
    Frogs around the globe are disappearing at an alarming rate! It appears that the scar on Dr. Blight's face is spreading, and she thinks that a concoction of amphibian DNA will regenerate her skin and restore her girlish glamour. Anybody for a froggy frappe?!?
  • Whoo Gives a Hoot?
    Whoo Gives a Hoot?
    Episode 3
    Responding to a court order, the Planeteers have only days to collect evidence which proves that Looten Plunder is illegally clearcutting one of our last old growth forests
  • 101 Mutations
    101 Mutations
    Episode 2
    The Planeteers discover Dr. Blight has been experimenting with puppies at a dog pound she's secretly running. Unsuspecting people, including Wheeler's young cousin are adopting unhealthy dogs and it's up to Captain Planet and the Planeteers to put a stop to Blight.
  • An Eye for an Eye
    An Eye for an Eye
    Episode 1

    Hoggish Greedly has set up a new commercial fishing business in the amazon, but when he discovers that a group of local river Dolphins are literally eating into his fishing profits, he schemes to eliminate the problem. Upon being briefed by Gaia, the Planeteers quickly race to make sure the amazon rivers are not made "Dolphin-Safe" simply for the sake of progress..

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