Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 1 Episode 9

Tree of Life

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Nov 10, 1990 on TBS

Episode Recap


This exciting adventure begins with an Indian telling some kids about the Tree of Life. Suddenly, the evil Doctor Blight arrives with her robojacks, who are no match for the Tree of Life. Gaia sends the Planeteers to stop Doctor Blight. Blight retureturns to her secret lab & builds a bigger robojack. Blight returns to the forest & traps the Planeteers tin a trap. She returns to free the Planeteers to call Captain Planet. The Planeteers combine their powers & call Captain Planet. Captain Planet is no match for Doctor Blight. She weakens Captain Planet i& holds him prisoner in her secret lab. The Planeteers rescue Captain Planet & Planet returns to the forest to stop Doctor Blight from cutting down the forest. But Captain Planet gets weaker, & Doctor Blight almost wins, but Wheeler sprays a formula on Captain Planet & Planet gets stronger again. Blight weakens & an angry Captain Planet picks Blight up & Planet makes Blight pay for her crime against the planet. The planet is safe again.