Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 4 Episode 15

You Bet Your Planet

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Feb 26, 1994 on TBS
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You Bet Your Planet

The Planeteers are forced to compete against the Eco-villains in a strange gameshow, where the prize is the freedom of Captain Planet.

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  • Probably my favorite of the entire Series

    There are a lot of episodes I list as "one of my favorites" but I think this one takes the cake as top dog. I think it's the mix of campy game show and the "scary" moments when Captain Planet is in serious peril. It makes it an all around enjoyable episode that sort of "recaps" all the lessons the show has been trying to put forth this far.
Gene Wood

Gene Wood

You Bet Your Planet Announcer

Guest Star

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

Lexel Starvak

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    • Linka: (when Ma-Ti and Wheeler are selected for the Relay Race) Make us proud, Ma-Ti. Wheeler?
      (she gives Wheeler a kiss)
      Linka: Good luck.

    • Lexel: So, Linka, what do you like to do when you're not fighting Eco-Villains?
      Linka: (firmly) Not that it is any of your business, but... (kindly) I do like to go dancing.
      Wheeler: Ya do? I didn't know that!
      Linka: There are many parts of me you do not know, Yankee.
      Lexel: (yawns) That's fascinating.

    • Kwame: I just had the weirdest nightmare.
      Gi: Me, too. About an intergalactic game show.
      Wheeler: Yeah! And you kissed me.
      Linka: Uh, definitely a nightmare.
      Ma-Ti: No. Could not be.

    • MAL: Ahem. 1: It's an alien audience. 2: Consider the sponsor. Ergo, the answer must be: Move to another planet.
      Nukem: Y'know, I think ol' MAL-function here has something.
      Dr. Blight: That's a stupid answer!
      Plunder: No, it's not!
      Greedly: No! Move to another planet!
      Nukem: That's it!
      Lexel: Well, sweetcheek, what'll it be?
      Nukem, Greedly, and Plunder: MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET!!
      Dr. Blight: NO! Control population growth!
      (all her teammates grumble)
      Lexel: For the game, is the answer "control population growth"?!
      Lexel: The Planeteers win the game!!
      (the Planeteers cheer, and Linka gives Wheeler a congratulatory kiss)
      Lexel: Let's see what the #1 answer was.
      (the #1 answer is revealed:)
      Lexel: Move to another planet!
      Dr. Blight: (not very surprised) Imagine that!

    • Lexel: Okay, villains. You get a chance to steal. You've got to agree on 1 answer between you.
      Dr. Blight: Yuck! Teamwork!
      Greedly: (puts his arms around his teammate) We've gotta think of things to save the planet!
      (disgusted, Dr. Blight pushes him off)
      Lexel: What do you say?
      Dr. Blight: Just give me a minute, sweetums, to check with my team.
      (she confers with her teammates, inaudiably)
      Nukem: Um, stop nuclear radiation?
      Greedly: No more clear-cutting forests?
      Plunder: (sighs) Give up exploiting poor countries?
      Dr. Blight: Wrong, bozos! I know what they do. They control population growth. And I wouldn't have all those wonderful subjects to use as guinea pigs.
      (the other villains mumble in disagreement)

    • Nukem (after losing the game) I don't care what the stupid survey says! I am going to finish off Captain Puney!

    • Ma-Ti: Sorry, Wheeler.
      Wheeler: It's not your fault, Little Buddy.

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