Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Season 4 Episode 15

You Bet Your Planet

Aired Sunday 5:05 PM Feb 26, 1994 on TBS



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    • Linka: (when Ma-Ti and Wheeler are selected for the Relay Race) Make us proud, Ma-Ti. Wheeler?
      (she gives Wheeler a kiss)
      Linka: Good luck.

    • Lexel: So, Linka, what do you like to do when you're not fighting Eco-Villains?
      Linka: (firmly) Not that it is any of your business, but... (kindly) I do like to go dancing.
      Wheeler: Ya do? I didn't know that!
      Linka: There are many parts of me you do not know, Yankee.
      Lexel: (yawns) That's fascinating.

    • Kwame: I just had the weirdest nightmare.
      Gi: Me, too. About an intergalactic game show.
      Wheeler: Yeah! And you kissed me.
      Linka: Uh, definitely a nightmare.
      Ma-Ti: No. Could not be.

    • MAL: Ahem. 1: It's an alien audience. 2: Consider the sponsor. Ergo, the answer must be: Move to another planet.
      Nukem: Y'know, I think ol' MAL-function here has something.
      Dr. Blight: That's a stupid answer!
      Plunder: No, it's not!
      Greedly: No! Move to another planet!
      Nukem: That's it!
      Lexel: Well, sweetcheek, what'll it be?
      Nukem, Greedly, and Plunder: MOVE TO ANOTHER PLANET!!
      Dr. Blight: NO! Control population growth!
      (all her teammates grumble)
      Lexel: For the game, is the answer "control population growth"?!
      Lexel: The Planeteers win the game!!
      (the Planeteers cheer, and Linka gives Wheeler a congratulatory kiss)
      Lexel: Let's see what the #1 answer was.
      (the #1 answer is revealed:)
      Lexel: Move to another planet!
      Dr. Blight: (not very surprised) Imagine that!

    • Lexel: Okay, villains. You get a chance to steal. You've got to agree on 1 answer between you.
      Dr. Blight: Yuck! Teamwork!
      Greedly: (puts his arms around his teammate) We've gotta think of things to save the planet!
      (disgusted, Dr. Blight pushes him off)
      Lexel: What do you say?
      Dr. Blight: Just give me a minute, sweetums, to check with my team.
      (she confers with her teammates, inaudiably)
      Nukem: Um, stop nuclear radiation?
      Greedly: No more clear-cutting forests?
      Plunder: (sighs) Give up exploiting poor countries?
      Dr. Blight: Wrong, bozos! I know what they do. They control population growth. And I wouldn't have all those wonderful subjects to use as guinea pigs.
      (the other villains mumble in disagreement)

    • Nukem (after losing the game) I don't care what the stupid survey says! I am going to finish off Captain Puney!

    • Ma-Ti: Sorry, Wheeler.
      Wheeler: It's not your fault, Little Buddy.

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