Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 11, 1987 on

Episode Recap

This episode begins with a patrol of Bio-Dread troopers under the command of a human officer searching some ruins for someone. We soon see that it is a boy, when he runs out of cover and the troopers give chase. One trooper fires at the boy but is atopped by the officer, who says that Lord Dread wants the boy taken alive. They lose the boy, but they find a man laying on the ground, eyes staring, and the Commander says that there will be a trail of such bodies to follow.
Meanwhile, Captain Power and Pilot arrive at a refugee settlement and find everyone in it in a coma. Before they can do anything else Soaron flies overhead, and they are forced to hide. They watch helplessly as Soaron digitizes the unconscious people. When it finishes it reports that it's mission was a success to Lord Dread. Dread is pleased that the Styx phase of his New Order is going well, but when he asks if they have recovered the "weapon" that left those people defenseless Soaron tells him not yet. Dread orders it to continue the search, since he can't create more of this "weapon" until he's returned.
Hawk flies over the same ruins that the troopers are searching and sees the boy running away from his pursuers. Hawk defeats the troopers and helps the boy to escape, but in the process his Suit is damaged, leaving him grounded. Once out of immediate anger, Hawk talks to the boy, trying to discover why the troopers were after him. The boy tells him that he had been a part of one of Dread's experiments along with twenty others. He was the only one to survive it, and when he saw his chance to escape he took it.
Power and the rest of the Team discuss the state of the last four settlements they found cleaned out of people, and speculate that Dread has come up with a new type of weapon that knocks people out until Soaron can collect them. Hawk contacts them and tells them about his situation. They tell him they will get there to help as soon as they can. As they fly to the rescue they are attacked by Soaron, who damages the Jumpship badly enough that they are forced down to make repairs.
Hawk becomes sick, and the boy says that he's seen that happen too many times before. Hawk tries to reassure him, and hallucinates that the boy is his own son Mitch for a moment. When he realizes his mistake he says that his son Mitch was taken away, but he knows his son will never be coming back. As he becomes worse, the Commander sends him a message, telling Hawk that he knows that he's sick and that the boy is a plague carrier. He promises to give him the antidote if he turns the boy over. Before he can refuse the boy grabs Hawk's com unit and tells the Commander to leave him alone, giving the officer a transmission to trace.
The Captain and the rest of the Team are moments away when they contact Hawk. He tells them that they are too late to save him, but that they have to get the boy to safety. Soaron arrives first and he and Hawk fight. Soaron defeats Hawk, but the boy protects him long enough for Power's Team to arrive. They fight off Soaron, and the Commander runs away rather than face them.
A week later, Hawk awakens from his plague induced coma feeling better. They were able to synthea vaccine, so the boy is no longer a danger. Hawk asks the boy his name, and the boy tells him he wants to be called Mitch, after Hawk's son.