Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Season 1 Episode 23

Retribution (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 20, 1988 on



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    • Pilot: (laughing at Hawk's artificial Christmas tree) You're telling me that no one in this room thinks that this looks like the inside of a Bio-Dread?
      Hawk: (pretending to be offended) Philistine! (then he chuckles) Of course I do. It's the pieces we've blown off Soaron for decoration. I thought it added a nice, symbolic touch.

    • Captain Power: (as they are attacked by wave after wave of troopers) You know, this is really starting to annoy me!
      Hawk: Ya can't take this kind of thing personally. (he's hit on the head by a trooper's laser blast) Ow! You scratched my helmet, ya lousy pile of tin plated... YOU SCRATCHED MY HELMET! (he stands up and shoots at all the troopers in sight)
      Captain Power: Glad to see you're not taking this personally, Hawk.

    • Lord Dread: (when he finally discovers the location of Power's Base) He's finished, Soaron, and he doesn't even know it... yet!

    • Laccki: (as a squad of troopers carry him away) Wait! Wait! I'm not... quite dead... yet!

    • Scout: (cutting in on Tank and Pilot's dance) Let Fred Astaire show you how it's done.
      Tank: Fred Astaire?
      Hawk: He was a younger man.

    • Soaron: You are not well, my Lord? The battle with Power is...
      Lord Dread: (interrupting) Is over. But the war, Soaron, oh, that is something else again. When he sees me next Power will find a very different opponent. Soon I will throw off the bonds of flesh and then we shall see, indeed.

    • Soaron: And what of Power, my Lord?
      Lord Dread: I once thought he could be saved, but no longer. There is no place in our perfect world for him or for any of his kind.

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