Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

(ended 1988)


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  • Cool show for that time...

    I liked the show as i found it late in the night on german television... it pulled me under its charm, because i like post apocalytic settings und machines... like Terminator... the special effects for that time und budget were well done... i would like to see a movie about this story or a new version of it. Maybe someone has enough courage, ideas and money to do that. If well done, it could be a new Battlestar Galactica or something like that. They tried so many new editions of older series, why not try this? So i'll keep dreaming until my dream comes true.
  • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was one of those shows that just reached through the screen and grabbed you.

    I remember the first time I did (NOT) see the show. I flipped onto the station while they were running the credits. A long twisting and turning flight down a corridor, much like Luke Skywalker heading for the vent on the Deathstar.

    The next week I had to be home to WATCH the show. I was captivated by the concept, even as a child to have a world where humans were taken over by machines, digitized and removed from the Earth.

    Also, the relationship between Pilot and the Captain drew me into the show. Their unacknowledged attraction for each other was played perfectly and the writer that penned the last two episodes should be awarded for the amazing job they did.
  • Armed to the teeth future soldiers

    *sniff* *sniff* This shows brings back some memories from my childhood. I remember this show as being something i could'tn miss and as a show me and my friends would discuss in the classroom everytime a new episode was on. This show was so different specialy in the way it was created, the ambience is very dark and you really feel the impression of being somewhere in the near future. The reasn why all we watched the show as for the battles, this show was all about firing lasers at the bad guys. I love the guns in this show.
  • really cool show

    i remember watching this show when i was younger. i thought it was a really cool show. i do not remember if it came on wgn or tbs. i remember watching it on sunday mornings. to be honest until i saw it listed here on i had forgotten about it. if i remember right it had a profitable action figure line as well.
  • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set.

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set. Whoever came up with the idea behind Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is a genius!I am very interested to see this movie again and again.
  • I would love to see this show back on TV. It was a good idea and the storylines were actually quite good. Also, I miss playing along with the TV.... I used to have the ship one to play along with the screen.

    I loved this show when I was a kid. it's been off the air for 19 years now... it's time to get it back on the air!

    I even remember being scared by some of the bad guys ... especially the metal bird ones who would swoop down and digitize people. When you're 6 and 7 years old, those things are damn scary!

  • Brings back memories...

    I have a VHS which has 3 episodes of this series, Shattered, The Abyss and Wardogs. I just love them all and wish that I could see the others too.
    When watching Captain Power, you wouldn't think that it was made before 90's because of the quality. I think I was something like 8 years old when I first saw them and I still watch them from time to time, luckily the tape is still working. :)
    I always wanted same kind of suit that Hawk has, cause he could fly. Sadly this show is kinda forgotten like Street Hawk, my other favorite. If you see the tapes for this somewhere, be sure to check them out.
  • Although I have a hard time remembering much about this show from more than 15 years ago, I still remember how much I enjoyed it.

    In the mid-80's someone came up with the idea of putting on a TV show that could interact with toys on the market. What started out as a good idea degenerated into a lackluster shooting gallery type format that would only appeal to a mindless idiot. One of the toys was a ray gun which would register a hit if fired at a specific type of graphic on the screen, or would register a miss if the trigger was pulled when not pointed at the graphic. The graphic in question was a patch of screen that looks like the static one sees on TV when there is a complete loss of signal. This appeared on the chests of the "bad guy" robots.

    The thing that surprised me was the quality of the stories and the acting. Fortunately, the "toy-target" graphics did not detract from the story lines, and the writers put actual effort into the plots and subplots. I especially liked Jessica Steen, and have become a fan of hers as a result of seeing her on this show.

    The stories of survival and human endurance were poignant and captivating. The scripts were written for intelligent and mature people. This is one "kids'" show that had a great deal to offer.

  • One of the first computer animated shows to air. If you never saw it you have no right to review it.

    Forget those horrible videos that were released in the 80's or those great toys, fighters, and robots. If you missed the actual episodes of this show you missed out. The episodes had computer generated robots good storylines and my personal favorite a lot of violence, People died in episodes(realism) and Soaron was one of my favorite characters ever.
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