Captain Pugwash

BBC (ended 1975)


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  • Those of a certain age, will no doubt recall with fond memories the cries of 'Heigh ho me hearties!' from the full-figured pirate, Captain Pugwash.

    Captain Pugwash was a pirate of the high seas who commanded the Black Pig. Along with Master Mate, Pirate Barnabas, Pirate Willy and Tom the cabin boy, Pugwash sails to adventure on a regular basis. Although often seen as a children's character, he is a figurehead for many adults. As he would tell you himself, his ruthless cunning made him a daunting enemy, and the name of the Black Pig was enough to strike fear into the heart of any sea-faring captain.

    The original series sparked talk of adult innuendo in a programme definitely aimed at children. Sorry to spoil the myth, but it seems that naughty readings of this salty tale were unfounded. Certain characters, who will remain nameless, just didn't exist. All in all a wonderful show that was brought back in 1998.
  • I loved this show.

    I saw this show a long time ago and i loved it. This show is about Captain Pugwash who is going on adventures with his crew. He must also deal with his His mortal enemy is Cut-Throat Jake, captain of the Flying Dustman. I never got to see all of the episode, but i know they were all amazing because from the one i saw, i knew this show was amazing.
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