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  • Weird.

    Never watched the original so I don't know how they compare to each other but this show is a 'meh' at best.

    Frankly the most remarkable thing about the show; is how sexualized it is for kid's show -the characters are kind of creepy pervs who take every opportunity to flirt or grope each other. . .very weird.
  • The attention to detail beggars belief and the heady combination of Motion Capture (used to animate the characters instead of strings!) and CGI is a joy. The locations, vehicles and characters are brought to life in an exhilarating, fast moving show with

    A Masterpiece and Gerry Anderson’s Greatest Work!

    This show is totally addictive and you will want to watch each episode again and again. The attention to detail beggars belief and the heady combination of Motion Capture (used to animate the characters instead of strings!) and CGI is a joy. The locations, vehicles and characters are brought to life in an exhilarating, fast moving show with unbelievable lighting effects.

    Perhaps, the most remarkable thing about this leading edge piece of work is that its target audience, the family group, appears to be unaware of its existence. It is true that NCS has been shown on children’s ITV already, but it was buried within the Ministry of Mayhem programme 6 months ahead of the planned release date.

    The original expectation was that all 26 episodes would be shown in the Autumn of 2005 and would be accompanied by a coordinated publicity and marketing campaign. The show was to be marketed by Granada Ventures in Europe and by Sony Pictures across the rest of the world.

    This was to coincide with the launch of a new range of Captain Scarlet vehicles and figures, comics and also the release of the DVDs, themselves. In fact, most of these items are now available in the shops but they have come ‘under the radar’ to a fanfare of almost total silence.

    I am a fan of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation shows (real puppets) rather than his live action shows but I regard Hypermarionation (effectively, digital puppets) as a natural extension of this genre. My son says that if you are looking out for the technology then the show has failed. I totally disagree - New Captain Scarlet is way ahead of its time and nothing less than sensational!

  • This is a superb update on a cult classic!

    I missed Captain Scarlet the first time round in the 60s but through reruns it's always been my favourite Gerry Anderson show.

    It doesn't have the goofball humour of his other productions and while humour isn't absent from the show (it needs it sometimes to keep from being too dark) it doesn't detract from the seriousness of the premise.

    The new animated series is absolutely fantastic. Captain Black is a far scarier villain than before and Scarlet is a more human, more believable hero. I've heard some criticisms of the new theme but I think it is brilliant, exciting with a chilling edge to it, perfect for the kind of show that this is. My only complaint might be that it seems the voice actor for Scarlet can't seem to decide if the character is English or American, and sometimes the voice is a mish mash of both - is it just me or has anyone else noticed this?

    But it doesn't detract from the show really - I love the changes they've made but please don't let Scarlet & Destiny get together (or at least note too soon) - will they / won't they adds a bit of spice.

  • This show is perfect apart from its stupid MOM slot

    Captain Scarlet is simply the best childrens programme on tv it has incredible cgi that looks genuinally lifelike. The scripts are nail-biting and the fight scenes are breath taking.

    I missed all of the first series because of the slot in MOM (ministry of mayhem) which is a brainless show that always ends up in cake fights with wannabe popstars.

    But the few episodes I have seen are subliminal, you get so absorbed in the storyline you want to scream when the stupid break comes in half way through

    The aeroplanes and car chases are better than almost anything else on TV and i have ordered the series 1 box set from
    I struggle to find a single fault with the show and if they change the slot i will sing!

  • Captain Scarlet gets the animation upgrade.

    I have been a fan of the classic Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons as far back as I can remember, as with all the other Gerry Anderson puppet shows, so I looked forward to seeing the new series when it was announced.

    It was kinda unusual seeing Captain Scarlet and the gang animated after seeing them for so long as puppets, but it didn't affect the fact that the show is damn good! Anderson had come up with a winner again....wonder if he will do the same with any other of his puppet series?
  • Gerry Anderson has produced a wonderful update to the classic Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV show fdrokm the 1960s. It is a show that will be as long lived as many of his earlier productions I am sure.

    The production CGI is very good. Watch the "Circes of Doom" episide to see a real visual treat as the Angels do an air show with spectrum colour smoke and excellent effects. I believe that a member of the Red Arrows UK Royal Air Force acrobatic display team consulted on the episide. The same show indicates the quality of the CGI with an underground explosion. More atmosphere, dust kicked up by the craft and so on would have made it a bit more realsitic.
  • I loved this, but...

    I loved this show as a kid - and it's being revived in the UK, which is good news for the current generation. But one thing always baffled me. The big thing about the central character Captain Scarlet was that he was undestructible and even as a child I sensed that this wasn't so good for dramatic tension. The bad guy, Captain Black, in league with the diabolical Mysterons, would hatch something terminal for Scarlet and hey presto - the good guy would rise from the dead as if nothing had happened. That said, it was pretty freaky stuff - a kind of sub-religious, spiritual battle between good and evil, and I still get goose-bumps when I hear: "This is the voice of the Mysterons" being intoned, while those ghostly circles of light play over some hapless victim. If you've never seen it, check this one out.
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