Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Season 1 Episode 31

Attack On Cloudbase

Aired Friday 5:25 PM May 07, 1968 on ITV
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Episode Summary

The threat that Spectrum have been awaiting for had to come, and Cloudbase being the principal headquarters of the organisation makes it an obvious target which would make seizing control over Earth a lot more easier for the Mysterons in order for them to complete their raging war of nerves, so the "aircraft carrier in the sky" is targeted for destruction.

With Symphony Angel stranded in the desert due to an unknown explosion on her Angel Interceptor, forcing her to eject, Captain Blue especially becomes agitated, for obvious romantic reasons, at the fact that she could die.

With instructions for any aircraft entering a 100-mile radius of the airbase to be destroyed, and itself sealed from all external contact, the Mysterons themselves decide to visit Earth to obliterate Cloudbase personally, making this threat the most vengeful of all their past avengements.moreless

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  • This is the best Captain Scarlet episode out the hole series.

    The Mysterons destory Spectrum!

    Captain Black is quite creepy standing next to Captain Blue as a doctor telling Captain Blue that Captain Scarlet is actual dead!!

    Colonel White is so shocked at the news that Captain Scarlet is dead that Lieutenant Green tells him to carm down.

    Captain Magenta is very funny in this episode his job is to wait and count the all the Mysteron spaceships which distroys Cloudbase in the end. This should have been the final episode. Cloudbase is attacked and all of the crew are killed by the Mysterons flying saucers we actualy see Cloudbase crashing to Earth. This would have made a much better ending to the series and a great twist that the Mysterons have distroyed Cloudbase and Spectrum.moreless
  • Why couldn't this have been the series finale?

    This episode is great, one of the, if not the, best episode of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. It starts off so well with Symphony left for dead in the desert and then Cloudbase is attacked and it's crew killed by the Mysterons in their cliched flying saucers. What could be better than all of Spectrum being wiped out, including Captain Scarlet and Cloudbase crashing to Earth? Not much. The only thing that completely ruins this episode is the ending. Symphony wakes up and its all be a dream. That always, and still does annoy me no end. A dream! The most exciting Captain Scarlet episode was a dream! A much better way to end this episode (and the series if they'd only switched it with The Inqusition clip show) would have been all the dream sequence stuff actually be real. Cloudbase and it's personnel are destroyed and the Mysterons themselves have come to Earth to destroy it as they always said they would. I agree it would rather grim for a kids TV show, but it'd be an awesome ending with the good guys losing for a change.moreless
  • The Mysterons destory Spectrum...or do they?

    Captain Black makes his trademark creepy cameo opposite Captain Blue over the body of Captain Scarlet, yes Captain Scarlet dies!

    Rhapsody gets blown up in her Angels jet!

    Captain Magenta has to count all the Mysteron crafts - the poor man, just as well he gets killed off too.

    Colonel White keeps medals under his desk and awards Captain Blue one whilst Cloudbase is falling to the ground - weirdo!

    Everyone human dies...or do they?

Francis Matthews

Francis Matthews

Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe)

Gary Files

Gary Files

Captain Magenta (Patrick Donaghue)

Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop

Captain Blue (Adam Svenson)

Janna Hill

Janna Hill

Symphony Angel (Karen Wainwright)

Donald Gray

Donald Gray

Colonel White (Charles Grey) / Captain Black (Conrad Turner) / Voice Of The Mysterons

Cy Grant

Cy Grant

Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The Score: Had Symphony's dream actually happened, it would have been total victory for the Mysterons. Spectrum: 25 Mysterons: 6.

    • Mysteron Reconstructions: None.

    • Spectrum Losses: 1 Angel Interceptor (in Symphony's dream: 1 Cloudbase, 4 Angel Intereptors. Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Dr. Fawn, Captains Scarlet, Blue, Ochre, Magenta, rey and Black, Destiny, Harmony, Melody and Rhapsody are killed)

    • Collateral Damage: None.

    • It is never explained what actually caused Symphony's jet to crash in the first place.

    • It seems odd that "the most important position on the base" (ie the radar room) would be given to Captain Magenta who, under the slightest hint of possible annihilation, can't even count to four.

    • While discussing the immenent attack on Cloudbase, Scarlet says that "it had to come". However, it's already been and gone once as the Mysterons tried to destroy Cloudbase with their crystal in "Dangerous Rendezvous".

    • Captain Magenta calls Captain Scarlet "sir", but they are both the same rank.

    • The sound effect used in this episode as the noise the Mysteron flying saucers make when they fire their weapons is the same effect used in The Avengers episode "From Venus With Love" (which aired just over a year before this episode), which was used to signal the death of an astronomer apparently by mysterious aliens.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Captain Scarlet has been shot down trying to stop the Mysteron war fleet, which is now riddling Cloudbase with laser fire)
      Captain Blue: Colonel White! Doctor Fawn has been killed, but his assistant tells me Captain Scarlet is dead!
      Colonel White: I want Scarlet in the control room! How long will he take to recover?
      (In sickbay, the Doctor's assistant shakes his head sadly)
      Captain Blue: You don't understand, Colonel! He's really dead - permanently, finally, absolutely dead!
      Colonel White: Dead? Captain Scarlet, dead?

    • Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us Earthmen. Spectrum's headquarters Cloudbase is our next objective. We will spare no effort to ensure that Cloudbase is totally destroyed.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Captain Magenta's role in this episode was originally indended to be filled by a new character, Lieutenant Sienna. However, as the series was almost over, the producers didn't want to go the expense of creating a new uniform, and so replaced Sienna with Magenta. This may also help to explain Magenta's odd behaviour, even if it was only a dream.

    • This is one of only two episodes of the series in which all of the regular cast appear, although most don't have lines. This previously happened in "Flight To Atlantica".