Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Season 1 Episode 27

Codename Europa

Aired Friday 5:25 PM Apr 09, 1968 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Professor Gabriel Carney, an awarded scientist for designing original electronics, is assassinated at his own gadgets-fulfilled home by Captain Black, in order for the Mysterons to use his skills and knowledge of the hi-tech subject to kill the three joint presidents of the Congress of Europe, additionally recognised as The Triumvirate of Europe. The names of those three men are: Conrad Olafson, John L. Henderson and Joseph Meccini, and this specific trio of men are apparently dubbed the most powerful figures on Earth, after the World President.

The Mysterons elect Conrad Olafson as the first to be killed, whom is located in an underground suite, 40-feet underground Vandon Base, a maximum security centre where plentiful Spectrum security personnel are scattered over, and in addition, the Angels commencing repeated aerial patrols over the area and Captain Ochre acting as the officer in charge of security.

Their attention is diverted instantly by a realistically audible incoming military assault & tank formation on the far West Sector of the base, which Carney has simulated by broadcasting recorded sound effects of a real attack via expensive speakers.

While is equipment, located in the far woods 1 mile away, has the attention of all security officers of the base, Carney infiltrates the un-guarded East Sector and drops an incendiary device into an air-vent. Thinking the bomb has plunged 40-feet below to destroy Olafson's underground suite, it has in fact stopped at ground level, thanks to Spectrum's rational ingenuity by converting the air-vent into a dummy inlet and cutting of it's air-duct, but the explosive fully demolishes the main building above ground.

With Olafson safe, leading to the Mysterons into believing he is dead, Spectrum are left with no clues of which of the remaining two joint presidents is next on the assassination list: Henderson, or Meccini. Even though they are both protected at separate maximum-security locations, Spectrum realise that this mysterious Mysteron agent is one of the toughest and challenging they have ever faced, and is capable of killing both men.moreless

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  • Spectrum security at it's finest...

    The high point of this episode has got to be Captain Ochre. As one of the oft forgotten or pushed into the background characters in favour of Scarlet and Blue, this really was his crowning moment. Sure, his assignment ended in the destruction of Vandon Base and the deaths of his men, but the guy he was protecting survived, but he carried the episode for most of the first half and did sterling job in directly the Angels.

    My only niggle with this episode is how the laziest man in the world (although in Supermarionation land that doesn't say much) Carney managed to break into two security bases with such simple tricks and a remote control plane. It really doesn't speak well for Spectrum Security. But, as mentioned before, this good episode, especially if you're a fan of Captain Ochre.moreless
  • If you're a President, then look away now...

    The Mysterons intend to kill the joint presidents of Europe and so Captain Black shoots dead Professor Carney - a good scene too. The now Mysteronised Carney sets about trying to ensure mayhem...


    Captain Ochre nearly dies :-o

    Carney's clever, but a simple set-up ensures his downfall...

    Carney has a computerised home - even his drinks trolley can be controlled.
Jeremy Wilkin

Jeremy Wilkin

Captain Ochre (Richard Fraser)

Francis Matthews

Francis Matthews

Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe)

Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop

Captain Blue (Adam Svenson)

Donald Gray

Donald Gray

Colonel White (Charles Grey) / Captain Black (Conrad Turner) / Voice Of The Mysterons

Cy Grant

Cy Grant

Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths)

Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan

Destiny Angel (Juliette Pontoin) / Rhapsody Angel (Diane Sims)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The Score: The Triumvirate is saved. Spectrum: 23 Mysterons: 4.

    • Mysteron Reconstructions: Professor Carney (shot by Black/shot by Scarlet).

    • Spectrum Losses: 1 Vandon Base and it's staff, excluding Captain Ochre. 1 SPV, 1 roadblock barrier.

    • Collateral Damage: None.

    • Scarlet knew that Carney was a Mysteron and that he'd be coming after Henderson, yet he shot him with a standard Spectrum pistol instead of using a Mysteron Gun.

    • It seems odd that a maximum security base, Vandon would be clearly signposted both outside the perimeter fence and along the roads leading up to it.

    • When Carney was alive and while he was a Mysteron, he resembled Captain Brown (from "The Mysterons"), but as he was shot, he looked completely different.

    • Despite clearly aiming for, and positioning his rifle's crosshairs on, Carney's chest, Captain Black managed to shoot the wine glass in Carney's right hand as well.

    • It was mentioned that while Captain Ochre was protecting Olafson, Captain Magenta was assigned to guard the other two targets. However when we see Magenta, he's alone manning a roadblock in the middle of nowhere.

    • One of the guards tells his men to "keep down" while he himself is stood up and in full view of everyone. Had it been a real attack, he would have been the first to be shot.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us Earthmen. We will continue to take our revenge and deal yet another devastating blow. We will destroy the Triumvirate of Europe. The Triumvirate of Europe will be destroyed.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The script reveals that Carney was the chief designer of the electronic security systems at Spectrum's maximum security bases, explaining how he was easily able to gain access to them.

    • The script featured an additional scene in which the Mysteron Carney disposed of the original using a remote controlled lawn mower.

    • The radio controlled model airplane used here previously appeared as the Hood's aircraft in the Thunderbirds episode "Martian Invasion".


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