Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Season 1 Episode 19

Dangerous Rendezvous

Aired Friday 5:25 PM Feb 09, 1968 on ITV
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Dangerous Rendezvous
Concluding from where "Crater 101" left off, Spectrum take a chance by commencing a maximum security operation to bodyguard radio communications expert, Doctor Kurnitz from the Nash Institute of Technologies, up to Cloudbase to send a broadcasted voice message by Colonel White to the Mysterons base on Mars, in an effort to solve their differences and to end the raging war of nerves between them.

But the Mysteron pulsator stolen by Captain Scarlet during the expedition to Crater 101 is used as an explosive charge to start a chain reaction on-board Cloudbase which will no doubt utterly destroy the aerial base. With Scarlet drawn away by Captain Black to prevent him from saving his fellow officers, the world-security organisation known as Spectrum is condemned to be crippled.moreless

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    Jeremy Wilkin

    Jeremy Wilkin

    Captain Ochre (Richard Fraser) / Doctor Kurnitz / Human Captain Black

    Francis Matthews

    Francis Matthews

    Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe)

    Ed Bishop

    Ed Bishop

    Captain Blue (Adam Svenson)

    Donald Gray

    Donald Gray

    Colonel White (Charles Grey) / Captain Black (Conrad Turner) / Voice Of The Mysterons

    Cy Grant

    Cy Grant

    Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths)

    Sylvia Anderson

    Sylvia Anderson

    Receptionist - Doctor Kurnitz's Secretary

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (11)

      • The Score: Cloudbase survives. Spectrum: 15 Mysterons: 4.

      • Mysteron Reconstructions: None.

      • Spectrum Losses: 1 SPJ, one smashed window and decompressed room on Cloudbase.

      • Collateral Damage: 1 building in Greenland.

      • During the Mysteron reply, Captain Scarlet seems to have Captain Blue's gun in his holster.

      • Colonel White says that Captain Black's mission to Mars was to "try and discover more about the universe we live in", yet in "The Mysterons", Captain Black said they were trying to locate the source of some mysterious signals detected on Cloudbase.

      • Colonel White says that Captain Black's mission to Mars was man's first survey of the planet, yet this contradicts the mission of Captain Paul Travers and the crew of the second Zero-X as shown in the Thunderbirds Are Go! feature film.

      • Captain Blue says that his flashing white epaulettes tell him that Colonel White is calling. However he (and the other Captains) rarely look at the epaulettes, and even if they did, both Colonel White and the Angels produce the same white flashing.

      • Despite all the talk about how the Spectrum cap radios work, no one explains exactly how the cap microphones are activated when the wearer wants to make a call. They obviously don't have any buttons concealed about their person or they'd need to put their hands in their pockets everytime or something and there appears to no form of head movement to activate the mics either.

      • To call Captain Blue, Colonel White says he presses the blue button on his desk, but there are many, many blue buttons on that desk. Furthermore, the buttons only come in three colours (blue, red and yellow) so, aside from only one of those being an actual Spectrum codename, he shouldn't be able to call the likes of Lieutenent Green, Captain Grey etc.

      • Despite what Dr. Kurntiz would have us believe, it is not "relatively easy" to replicate a piece of technology from a few photographs of the control panels, especially when the piece of technology in question was built by aliens to tap the power of an alien crystal.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us Earthmen. Our next act of retaliation will be to destroy Cloudbase. Do you hear, Spectrum's headquarters Cloudbase will be destroyed at midnight.

      • Colonel White: (to the Mysterons) This is Colonel White, commander-in-chief of Spectrum speaking on behalf of the peoples of the Earth to the Mysterons on Mars. I would like to recall man's first survey expedition on the surface of your planet. The Martian Exploration Vehicle landed to try and discover more about the universe we live in. Inside, three men from Earth, nervous, alert. And then they discovered your complex. Then for the first time, men from Earth witnessed your amazing powers of reconstruction. The attack on your complex was wrong, we admit it and deeply regret it, but we on earth want you to know it was done out of fear and was not a deliberate act of aggression against you. I know that you can hear this message and hope you will answer so that together we can find a way of ending this war of nerves between us. On behalf of the world government and all peoples of the Earth I offer you the hand of friendship. I hope that it will be accepted.

      • Mysterons: (replying to Colonel White's message) This is the voice of the Mysterons. Your message has been analysed and it has been decided to allow one member of Spectrum to meet our representative. If you agree you must carry out the following instructions. Any deviation and the arrangement will be cancelled. The member of Spectrum must not carry and weapons or communication equipment of any kind. He will fly on a course of one-two-four magnetic from Cloudbase's present position. Further instructions will be relayed to you. This is the voice of the Mysterons.

      • Captain Black: Please sit
        Captain Scarlet: Thank you. Will I be able to see you?
        Captain Black: There is no need for you to see me. I can hear anything you have to say.
        Captain Scarlet: I have come here unarmed. Your instructions have been followed precisely.
        Captain Black: You must listen and take back this message to the world. (switches on a tape recorder)
        Recording of the Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. Hear us Earthmen and take heed. You started this war of nerves with your unprovoked attack on our complex…
        Captain Scarlet: I came here to negotiate…
        Recording of the Mysterons: (continuing) We will continue to take our revenge against the Earth. You started a shock wave…
        Captain Scarlet: Listen to me…
        Recording of the Mysterons: (continuing) …the repercussions of which will be felt around the world. Our retaliation…
        Captain Scarlet: Can you hear me?
        Recording of the Mysterons: (continuing) … will be slow but nonetheless effective. It will mean the ultimate destruction…
        Captain Scarlet: Please listen…
        Recording of the Mysterons: (continuing) … of life on Earth.
        Captain Scarlet: That's a recording!
        Recording of the Mysterons: (continuing) Little by little we will bring the Earth to it's knees and finally annihilate it.

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