Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 5:25 PM Oct 20, 1967 on ITV
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Episode Summary

At the Culver Atomic Centre, located in Yorkshire, England, Captain Black accidentally exposes himself to a short-term radioactive isotope, when detected by the security guards, causing his hesitation. Although the isotope is physically harmless, it makes him a straight-forward target when using radiation-tracking systems during Spectrum's full-scale manhunt, to uncover and apprehend the Mysteron agent.

But when the organisation is decoyed, Black manages to kidnap Symphony Angel, who disobeys direct orders from Colonel White. Instead of maintaining her aerial surveillance mission, she finds herself on death row, in a radiation chamber, and Black in absolute control, with the judgment of killing her, or letting her go free.moreless

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  • The tables are turned.

    After being on the defensive for so long, Spectrum has a chance to turn the tables on the Mysterons. Not only does Spectrum discover that Captain Black is still alive after disappearing on the Martian mission, but they have a chance to capture him. Why Black was at the power plant and why the Mysterons didn't warn him of the radiation is odd but it shows they're fallable. It was nice to see one of the Angels getting some out of cockpit action for a change, even if Symphony did mess the whole operation up and allowed Black to escape. A good episode, but nothing is really achieved on either side as Spectrum fails to capture Black, but the Mysterons don't succeed in doing whatever they were doing in the first place.moreless
Francis Matthews

Francis Matthews

Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe)

Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop

Captain Blue (Adam Svenson)

Janna Hill

Janna Hill

Symphony Angel (Karen Wainwright)

Donald Gray

Donald Gray

Colonel White (Charles Grey) / Captain Black (Conrad Turner) / Voice Of The Mysterons

Cy Grant

Cy Grant

Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths)

Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan

Destiny Angel (Juliette Pontoin) / Rhapsody Angel (Diane Sims)

Gary Files

Gary Files

Richards / Garage Mechanic

Recurring Role

David Healy

David Healy

Geiger Operator / Guard Voice #2

Recurring Role

Martin King

Martin King

Culver Atomic Centre Security Chief

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • The Score: Black escapes Spectrum: 2 Mysterons: 2.

    • Mysteron Reconstructions: Captain Black (escapes), Garage mechanic (killed on car platform/shot by Scarlet).

    • Spectrum Losses: 1 SPV crashed, 1 Saloon damaged.

    • Collateral Damage: 1 civilian car is crushed. Atomic Center gates damaged.

    • It's unclear how Captain Ochre expected to stop Black's SPV at the roadblock when he was only armed with a pistol, a Spectrum Saloon and a barrier. SPVs have been shown to withstand considerable punishment, something that Ochre wasn't really equipped to provide. Luckily for him, the Mysterons seem to be afraid of Spectrum roadblocks as they would show several times throughout the series.

    • Captain Grey's Geiger counter operator gives him the bearing "zero-two-three degrees, seventeen minutes", but when Grey reports it to Cloudbase it becomes "zero-two-three point one-seven", which is completely different.

    • Captain Black is shown on the security video perfectly normally, but "Flight 104" shows that Mysterons produce siloettes on normal photographic film.

    • As Captain Ochre reports to Colonel White that Captain Black crashed the gates of the atomic center, his light on the colonel's desk is the sixth from the left, next to the five white lights representing the Angels. However in the next shot of the desk, the light is now red for Captain Scarlet, with Ochre's light having moved two spaces to the right.

    • Captain Blue seems to have a thing for Symphony as indicated by his giving her the medallion on her birthday, yet only in the last episode he was going on a date with Destiny.

    • Captain Scarlet's written report to Colonel White contains a grammatical error. The last page reads "We must conclude from our enquiries that there was no Mysteron activities and it was in fact a false alarm", when it should be "... that there were no Mysteron activities...".

    • Captain Black says that "the Mysterons also have compassion", but this doesn't seem to fit their usual methods of murdering whoever they want to use in their plans.

    • Usually, Captain Scarlet would show a sign of nausea while a Mysteron agent was close to his presence. However, this isn't seen when he is sitting and standing right next to the Mysteronised garage mechanic.

    • After Colonel White thanks Captains Scarlet and Blue for their "courage and devotion to our cause", strangely both men can be heard speaking with each other's voices.

    • Not all 4 Spectrum officers fire their hand-guns at the escaping Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle at the end of the episode, even though several gun sound-effects are mixed together to create this atmospheric effect.

    • The shot of the car being lifted up against the garage ceiling with the garage mechanic is inside, shows the model ceiling showing spliting lines, indicating that a soft cheap material must have been used for the shot.

    • As seen in "Operation Time" and "Spectrum Strikes Back", high electricity voltage currents is the only thing that can kill a Mysteronised person, however Captain Scarlet simply kills the Mysteronised garage mechanic with his standard-issue Spectrum bullet hand-gun.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. We will continue to take our revenge. You started the shock with your unprovoked attack on our Martian complex. This act of aggression will be avenged. Our retaliation will be slow, but nonetheless effective. You will pay in full.

    • Colonel White: The tables are turned - the manhunt for Captain Black, is on!

  • NOTES (5)