Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Season 1 Episode 26

The Launching

Aired Friday 5:25 PM Apr 02, 1968 on ITV
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The Launching
Mervin Brand, a reporter for The Tribune newspaper, is killed in his jet by thunder lightening while en route to the press conference with President Roberts. When reconstructed promptly by the Mysterons, so Tribune Control don't suspect that the real Mervin Brand has crashed and died, the Mysteron Brand continues his flight to the press conference, but is stopped in his tracks by the Angels, who have strict instructions to attack & destroy any aircraft violating the restricted airspace over the President's residence, due to his life being under siege by the Mysterons.

His arrogance and egotism doesn't assist matters, as he believes the enemy foes preparing to kill him will not achieve their latest ploy of revenge, and ignores the fact that the Mysterons killed the Director-General of the United Asian Republic.

Spectrum continue to secure his residence, but when the President reveals the new atomic-liner ship, built by the Trans-Pacific Shipping Corporation, is being named after him and is set to be released from port today, Captain Scarlet grasps that the Mysterons intend to destroy the "President Roberts" ship, and not the man himself.moreless

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  • Good episode.

    The best part of this episode is that for most it, Spectrum has completely the wrong idea about what (or who) the Mysteron target is. While it's nice that they're a bit confused by the Mysteron threat, which hasn't really happened since Operation Time with the threat to destroy time, its odd that no one picked on th wording of the threat. The Mysterons said they'd "destroy" President Roberts which, if they mean the person, they'd use "kill" or "assassinate". This episode is notable as the only character moment for Harmony Angel when she talks to Brand and she's even voiced by an actual Japanese person when she does it not that she gets to speak at all from now on. This episode has got to be one of the strangest deaths for Scarlet so far when he's blown up by a bottle of Champaign. It's also got to be one of the luckiest wins for Spectrum when said bottle misses the ship by an inch. A great episode, and quite gruesome when Brand is kille din his plane near the beginning.moreless
  • President Roberts will be destroyed! So say the Mysterons...

    Mr Brand, a journalist, is flying his jet through a thunderstorm when a bolt of lightning hits the plane causing it to crash...Mr Brand is taken over by the Mysterons and is ordered to destory President Roberts.

    Spectrum respond by protecting President Roberts, but are unaware that the target is in fact a liner (that's a boat by the way) called President Roberts. Anyway, the reason why this episode stands out for me is that Mr Brand tries to mow down Captain Blue...Captain Ochre attends to him - so sweet, Ochre holding Blue: very homoerotic :-D


    Captain Black appears briefly on top of the President's house, confirming to Brand the Mysterons' threat. Black seems to change his clothes rarely, it's either all black or that ghastly pullover with an orange rim round the neck - ew!

    When Brand shows Harmony (is it?) his idenity, it's clear that his passport photo is of Captain Indigo (a doomed agent of Spectrum from *Spectrum Strikes Back*) as the same muppet is used. A frequent occurance on the show.

    David Healy who voices President Roberts features as Professor Plum in the CDI version of Clue/Cluedo and has also appeared in a James Bond movie.moreless
Francis Matthews

Francis Matthews

Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe)

Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop

Captain Blue (Adam Svenson)

Janna Hill

Janna Hill

Symphony Angel (Karen Wainwright)

Donald Gray

Donald Gray

Colonel White (Charles Grey) / Captain Black (Conrad Turner) / Voice Of The Mysterons

Cy Grant

Cy Grant

Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths)

Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan

Destiny Angel (Juliette Pontoin)

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    • Mysterons: This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us Earthmen. You continue your futile defence against us even though you must know you cannot succeed. In order to show you your ineffectiveness, we will deal you yet another crippling blow. We will destroy President Roberts within the next twelve hours.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although she is credited in 20 episodes, this is the only episode in which Lian Shin provides the voice of Harmony Angel (or any other character). In all of Harmony's other appearances, Liz Morgan provided her voice, but after this episode, Harmony would not be heard speaking again.

    • A scene deleted from the episode featured Harmony and Symphony discussing how President Roberts comes from Symphony's home town.