Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 12

Plan Ape From Outer Space

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1996 on



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    • Spydor: (to the aliens) We come in the name of peace. And of course, a little profit wouldn't hurt...

    • Dr. Splitz: Captain, our universal translation module seems to be malfunctioning due to ionisation overload, with catastrophic bilateral linguistic force-feeding.
      Gor: What does that mean?
      Splitzy: When y'all find out, tell me!

    • Shao Lin: We are lost, Captain. What do you propose we do now?
      Captain Simian: We can scan the area.
      Dr. Splitz: We can attempt to triangulate or position from the known galaxies.
      Spydor: We can just keep going until we find someplace.
      Shao Lin: Or we can stop and ask for directions. (the others stare at her) There is one constant in the universe: The male mind!
      Orbitron: And of course, cheese!

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