Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys

Season 1 Episode 6

Splitzy's Choice

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1996 on
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Splitzy's Choice
While escaping angry Blethorians (and the only thing to do when confronted with angry Blethorians is escape from them), the ship is damaged, leaking flux, the "glue" that holds the ship together. As the Primate Avenger comes apart, so does the crew: Simian and Shao Lin explore a strange, new planet in search of new flux and must survive an encounter with a humongous Sand Monster; Spydor and Gor have a falling out; and worst of all, the bickering Splitzy and Dr. Splitz find a way to separate into two monkeys. The Space Monkeys better get it together before the ship blows apart!moreless

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      • Dr. Splitz: Well, Splitzy... um, I mean, Gor, let's commence by stabilising the flux parameter of the inverse fluxatronic triangulator.
        Gor: I understood "Gor" and "let's".

      • Dr. Splitz: Finally, the mergeatron is complete. If you followed my schematics correctly, the device should have the desired effect.
        Splitzy: You mean if your scribbles made any cotton-pickin' sense, my dohickey oughta do the trick!

      • Shao Lin: (about the sand planet) Such a barren place. I fear our intrusion here will endanger the delicate ecosystem.
        Captain Simian: You call this an ecosystem?
        Shao Lin: It is all part of the whole.
        Captain Simian: This planet is a hole, if you ask me!
        Shao Lin: I did not.

      • Dr. Splitz: Paramecium!
        Splitzy: You take that back! What's a paramecium?
        Dr. Splitz: Read a book!

      • Dr. Splitz: Congratulations, monkey wrench, on a superlative effort.
        Splitzy: You didn't do so bad yourself, ya bag of hot air!

      • Dr. Splitz: This symbiotic schizoid state has become exceedingly intolerable, you monkey wrench!
        Splitzy: I'm sick of you too, ya dang egghead!

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