Captain Star

ITV (ended 1998)


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  • Season 2
    • A Galaxy of Stars
      A group of evil aliens abducts the captain for a "Captain Star" contest while he was asleep in his wheel barrel. Now it's up to the crew to track him down by a clever trick he came up with: contain Captain Star munchies in his mouth & spew them out into space through a window so his men can save him. The crew eventually catches up with the aliens but now they must find the real captain star & stop those who captured him. With people such as Captain star on the show "Star of space" & a 6 year old boy who is a major fan of captain star, The captain is freed & the boy is given a medal for saving his life.moreless
    • The Edge of the Universe
      Navigator Black is taking his 2 fish on a walk, then they get loose so Navigator Black spends some time searching for them. Finally he finds them .... but they get loose again .... when he sees them again he notices that they crawled under a large black curtain (edge of the universe). He goes in after them, but its not what he expected. There's a big crowd applauding every move he makes. He can't get enough of the attention. When he returns back to the ship he tell Jones about it. The next day they both go back. After their day is done they return back to the ship. Captain Star,and Scarlet notice that they are a little more transparent than usual (you can see through them LOL). So the next day the 2 sneak out to go back (they couldn't help it .. they were addicted) Scarlet then leaves to go check out what they were doing ..... she gets addicted to the crowd as well. Captain Star is afraid that his crew is goin to turn invisible permanently so he then finds out why his friends are disappearing!!! ....... Everytime they walk through the curtain and the audience takes a picture they lose a part of their soul ... and if you look in the audience you can see duplicates of Jones, Scarlet, and Navigator Blackmoreless
    • The Collector
      The Collector
      Episode 5
      When navigator black misleads the crew to crash on a planet of no name thinking the radar had a raisin on it, he feels bad about himself because of his worries for his Giant blender fish having a bad tooth ache. The famous collector, Jasper quilt, stops by the ship to have the tooth of blacks giant blender fish removed. He then tries everything in his will to make everyone like him better than Captain Star(especially scarlet for having a crush). Jim Star thinks something is fishy about this guy. so he sets up a trap for him. When navigator black is interested deeply in Jasper & forgets to give Captain Star his dinner order, he feels bad that he wants to leave with him in the morning. the next morning, Navigator Black leaves with Jasper. When Jasper tries to crash into the boiling hell which is coming for them, Black pulls him away & when he thinks he's dead, the captain has saved him & the animals in the exhibit(with the expectation of jones)are free once again. It's off to the stamp licking colonies for Jasper.moreless
    • The Gravity of the Situation
      Captain star reminises of the good ol' days when he battled evil forces like the condiment people & is depressed because he want's to go on a mission. While eating a picnic, Ships that resemble those of the condiment people arrive. It turn's out it's a captain called sprat & her crew that have arrived to stop by & say hello to star. Just like him, sprat is also waiting for orders in which she brings up the fact that the 29 captains were captured again. Navigator black gets the winning prize of a contest he entered to go to the spice systems While captain star gets a bear which he thinks has orders. the bear has no orders whatsoever & captain star is even more depressed. Black is still excited about going to the spice systems. But Star forbids him from going for he is needed. Black is depressed as well as Jones when he learns that sprats ship doesn't have stokers but is a self stoking ship. When the depressions of the crew engulf them into the planet, black & captain star have been absorbed. But not before the crew saves star & frees black from falling into the planet causing an orbit around him. The crew lets Black go to the spice colonies & he is happier then ever.moreless
    • Ned Nova
      Ned Nova
      Episode 3
      A spaceship containing the remains of captain star's trainer at the space academy, Ned nova, have been discovered in the belly or a slug. When Nova emerges from his sleep, He remembers that He had went into the black hole that one day where he wanted to be free from mission control. Captain star had announced that He will bring ned to mission control for questioning in the morning. The next day, he had stolen a speeder bike to which he went back into the slug to retrieve his ship the "Merry Cheeser". The crew (Star & Jones) decides to catch up to him and they find him back in the slug. after rescuing him and the "Merry Cheeser", Ned wakes up and Captain star leads him to his ship. Nova wonders why he's not taking him to Mission Control and Star says that He is just an impostor thinking he is Nova and that the real Ned Nova would be hundreds of space years older. But to me, I think captain Star knows it is the real Ned Nova but wants him to live the free life.moreless
    • It's Written in the Stars
      The crew reminises about their birthdays & It turns out Captain star's B-day is actually on a different day then the crews and it was made into a special holiday. But with a day in honour of him comes with a painful sacrifice, He must resign as captain of the crew. When all of mission control & the 29 captains arrive to Captain star day, the Captain decides to enjoy the party before departing with his new ship, the "blubberraft" & he makes officer scarlet the new captain. But not before the planet will start to explode after a fish cake got lodged into a hole that closed earlier in the episode. With Scarlet as the captain, She must now take charge & think what the captain would do in a time of dispair. By taking apart the pipes of one of the 29 captain's ships, scarlet jams them into the planet spewing all of the planets pressure into space creating a new star which she will name after her. After the incident had been averted, a captain , Captain Brian, says that the age system & all is just pointless & that as long as you know what your doing, nothing else matters. The captain is alerted of this & he returns to his rejoycing crew.moreless
    • Rocket to Nowhere
      When Jones is collecting atmospheric samples for scarlet in her investigation of the planet, he hits a rocket that suposadly has the captains orders. So Captain star, Navigator black, & first officer Scarlet all go to the dark side of the planet to retrieve the rocket & it's order while jones stays behind & helps Jim-Bob-Bob clean the ship & such. When they head to the dark side, they learn of dangers such as a jelaton like atmosphere, huge mountains, & a low flying comet(but not as worse as 2 headed dogs who are good on one head & evil on the other). Jones remembers the others forgot their woolies so they head to the dark area & with their help, the team gets it's woolies & the dogs treat jones like a god or master.moreless
  • Season 1