Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002

TV Tokyo (ended 2002)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Warriors in the Field
      Finally Tsubasa is playing in the Main team of Catalugna. At his entrance, he scores a goal and tie the game. Meanwhile in Italy, Hyuga returns to Piemonte and plays the last game of the italian league. Genzo in Germany plays the final game of the germanian league against Rodburg where he faces Schnider again. After a while, The International cup, the world cup 2002 finally begins and the japanese national team is going to play against Brazil in the first game. There, Tsubasa looks at Roberto and the game begins.moreless
    • Dream Pitch
      Dream Pitch
      Episode 51
      Tsubasa finally completed the task that the coach put him, 10 goals and 10 assists in just 3 games. The coach then decides to put Tsubasa in the main team, and is planning to use him in the next game. Meanwhile Santana joins a team of Spain and he is going to play the next game against Catalunya. In the game, Rivaul gets hurt and Tsubasa is going to replace him.moreless
    • Battle Against the Rival
      It' s the turn of Genzo to show his skills. The next game in the Germanian league is Grunwald vs. Rodburg, where Schnider is playing as the goaler. Will Genzo beat Schnider?
    • Go for 10 Goals, 10 Assists!
      Tsubasa is playing his first game in the Catalunya and he is determined to show the coach that he can make the 10 goals and 10 assist. He showed that in the first game scoring 6 goals and 4 assist. With this results, Hyuga decides to go back to Italy and keep fighting to be the best goales in the world.moreless
    • Striker in Tears
      Striker in Tears
      Episode 48
      While Hyuga is trying to control the game, the other team make difficult to him to control himself and have a balance in his body. After a few failure, Hyuga is retired of the game. Hyuga then, set off to Spain to watch the first game of Tsubasa in the team B of Catalunya.moreless
    • Hyuga Italian' s debut
      In the beggining of the Italian league, Hyuga is choosed to play as a main player in the team of Piemonte.
    • Cross the Bridge of Hope
      After the notice of the coach, Tsubasa is feeling down and bad about it, however the coach tells him that if he can make 10 goals and 1o assist in less of a year he is going to play in the main team of Catalunya. Tsubasa then, talk with the doctor of Catalunya and he tells Tsubasa the hystory of Catalunya' stadium and also about the bridge of hope. Now with determination, Tsubasa decides to assume this challenge and move on.moreless
    • Harsh Notice
      Harsh Notice
      Episode 45
      The coach of Catalunya asked Tsubasa the position that Tsubasa wants to play. Tsubasa' s answer was Midforward. However, in the next day, the coach gives him that position but in the B team.
    • Run to the Opening Match!
      Tsubasa is training with the Cataluyna and the coach assigns him different positions to see how Tsubasa show his skills.
    • Catalunya's Eagle
      Catalunya's Eagle
      Episode 43
      Tsubasa returns to Spain and he meet Rivaul, The Catalunya' eagle and the best player in Spain. After a short duel between them, Tsubasa falls down. Tsubasa talks to the doctor about the training with Rivaul and he decides to return to the field and meet the other members of Catalunya.moreless
    • Restart to the World
      After the game against Holland, Tsubasa set off to Hawai so he can train for a while before he goes to Spain. Hyuga, Takeshi and DexDex, the tree together went to see his old coach. Shingo returns to Italy and Genzo to Germany.
    • Break the Dutch Wall
      Japan is having a bad time against Holland, Tsubasa is trapped and he does not know how to counterattack. Shingo Aoi enters to the game to change things, so do Jun Misugi. Near the end of the game, with the help of Kojiro and Tsubasa, Shingo Aoi score a goal and the game ends in a tie. However Tsubasa doens' t feel excited. He knows that they actually lose against Holland even through the goal of Shingo.moreless
    • The New Japan National Team
      After a short training, the new Japan national team is ready to play a game against the "King without a crown" Holland. Will Japan win the game??.
    • Shingo Aoi is Here!
      A new member joins to the Japan national team, Aoi Shingo.
    • Golden Age of Hope
      Golden Age of Hope
      Episode 38
      Adriano selects the new japanese team. In his visions, Tsubasa, Kojiro, Genzo and Mizaki are selected, but the others players are the same members of the youth japanese team. Will the japanese asociation accept that?.
    • Hyuga's Challenge for the Future
      Hyuga set off to Italy so he can join to the team of Piemonte where he meets Mullen.
    • The New Dream Land
      The New Dream Land
      Episode 36
      Tsubasa goes to Spain after leaving Brancos, to play in the famous team Catalugna, however, the players there don't seem to like him. Meanwhile, Kojiro Hyuega sets off to Italy to break through their almost invurnelable defenses. Will they both succeed fulfilling their dreams?
    • The Shine of Rosario
      Santana challenges Tsubasa to a duel and he hurt his shoulder again. Tsubasa doens' t give up and he keeps playing to show Santana the meaning of play soccer in team. Santana see this and his heart of Cyborg is weaker than before because Tsubasa' skills make possible this. At the end of the game, the team of Brancos wins the game and Santana recovers. he is no longer a soccer cyborg. After this memorie, Tsubasa is playing his last game in Brazil with the Brancos and he is planning to go to Europe to meet new friends and rivals. In that same game, Santana plays the last 10 minutes of the game and he faces Tsubasa one more time, Who will win this time?.moreless
    • Santana, The Son of God
      During the second time of the game between Brancos and Domingo, Santana scores a goal with the flying drive shot. Santana is trying to prove that his skills are better than the skills of Tsubasa; Then one of Santana' s friend remembers the past of Santana until the moment where he becomes a soccer cyborg. After a comment of Tsubasa to Santana, Santana challenges Tsubasa and a shot of Santana hits Tsubasa' s arm and hurt him. Will Tsubasa lose the game against a the son of God, Santana?.moreless
    • A Soccer Cyborg
      A Soccer Cyborg
      Episode 33
      Tsubasa is playing with the brancos and one of the games is against Domingo FC where Carlos Santana, the soccer cyborg is playing. At the beggining of the game Tsubasa shows his skills to Santana and scores a goal. Santana see this and he do the same plays of Tsubasa but better and also scores. Near the end of the first time Tsubasa scores a goal with the drive shot and the first time end.moreless
    • To the New Field
      To the New Field
      Episode 32
      Tsubasa goes to Brazil, and there he meets a boy called Pepe. They rest in the same room at night, however, Pepe doesn't really seem to like Tsubasa. In the morning, the tryouts start for the team Brancos. Will Tsubasa be able to get into the team?
    • Shine in Glory! Japanese Team!
      Japan is winning the game thanks to the goal that Hyuga scores. But Germany still doesn't give up and Schnider ties the game, scoring a goal. Near the end of the game, Tsubasa falls down, and he hears the voice of Roberto. Tsubasa gets up and continues the game. After beating Schnider in a duel, Tsubasa score the goals of victory and Japan wins the International Youth cup of France. At the end, Roberto meets Tsubasa and he offers him to go with him to Brazil and Tsubasa decides to go.moreless
    • A Message From Roberto
      Japan is having a bad time against Germany in the game. Roberto is there watching the game and he meet Adriano. Roberto send a message to Tsubasa and Adriano tells Tsubasa in the beggining of the second time. During the second time, Mizaki score a goal with the assist of Tsubasa.While Tsubasa try to understand the message of Roberto, Schnider keep trying to socre another goal but Genzo Stops his shots. When Tsubasa finally learns the meaning of the message, Tsubasa reborns and he is back to the game. With determination Tsubasa decides to score, but instead of shooting himself he pass the ball to Hyuga and Hyuga shoot with the new Tiger shot and score. Now Japan is winning the game 2-1.moreless
    • Grueling Battle! Japan vs. Germany
      In the tournament finals, Japan is going to play against Germany, where Schneider is waiting for Genzo. When the game begins, Tsubasa meet the goalkeeper of Germany, Muller. He is an unknown goalkeeper but he is really good. Muller stops the drive shot and even the tiger shot of Hyuga. Then, Kojiro and Tsubasa joins and they combine their shots, but even with the shots combined, Muller gets the ball. Now in the counterattack, Schnider gets the ball and he score with his fire shot. Now Japan is in danger.moreless
    • Respectable Penalty - Tie-Breaker
      The game between Japan and FRance goes to PK and Japan wins the game. So the finals is between Germany and Japan
    • Painful Yellow Card
      Tsubasa gets a yellow card after he try to change the decision of the coach. Japan is playing now with ten players and Misugi enters to the game so he can power up the defense. At the end of the game, Tsubasa score a goal and the game is going to extra time.moreless
    • An Elegant Commander
      In the tournament semi finals, Japan is playing against FRance, the local team and the favorite to win the cup. The genius of France is Pierre and he wants to challenge Mizaki.
    • Genius Juan Diaz!
      Genius Juan Diaz!
      Episode 25
      The next game in the Tournament of France, is Japan Vs Argentina. Juan Diaz is the genius of Argentina and his skills are almost better than Tsubasa. In the firtst time, Diaz scores tree goals. But then in the second time, Tsubasa face Diaz and he beat Diaz. This make Diaz angry and he challenges Tsubasa to a duel. After Japan score tree goals and the game is tied, Jun Misugi enter in the last 10 minutes of the game and he score the goal of victory. Now Japan go to the tournament semi finals.moreless
    • 'God of Defense' of Italy
      In the game against Italy, Japan is having a bad time. Mizaki then, enter to the game and he join Tsubasa to make the Golden duo again. Now, Japan is playing harder and better and win the game, beating the powerfull defense of Gino Hernandez. Now the next game is against Argentina.moreless
    • Golden Duo Reunites
      Taro Mizaki joins to the japanese youth team, after he met Tsubasa one more time.
    • Glorious Number 10
      Glorious Number 10
      Episode 22
      After the humiliation against Grunwald, The team of Italy cancel the game between them and Japan. Tsubasa decides to show to Italy his skills scoring a goal against Gino Hernandez, the best goalkeeper in Europe. After that, Tsubasa plays with the japanese team in the next game against Rodburg and there, Tsubasa shows the real skills of Japan and wins the game.moreless
    • Humiliating Test Match
      Kojiro and the rest of the japanese team goes to Germany to play a game against Genzo' s team, Grunwald. During the game, they meet one of their strongest opponent, Karl Jean Schneider a very powerful goaler. Meanwhile, Tsubasa is feeling better and he goes to Germany to see his friends and join to the team. But Tsubasa can' t play because he is not registred. Japan loses the game against Grunwald 5-1, and the whole japanese team realizes that their game style is not enough to win in the Tournament.moreless
    • Go for it! Japan Junior Youth Team!
      The japan junior youth team is finally selected, But Tsubasa cannot play because of his shoulder, so he is not on the team. But the coach and Adriano tell him that he is selected and he can go to Germany once that he is recovered.
    • Come Back! Tsubasa!
      In the extra time, Tsubasa returns to the game anf faces Hyuga one more time. The two of them fight really hard and try to score another goal. But the game ends in a tie amd Toho and nankatsu win the tournament.
    • Driving Shot of Vengeance
      Tsubasa finally plays in the second time of the game to face Hyuga' s tiger shot with his drive shot. During the game, Tsubasa begins to feel bad because of his shoulder, and Hyuga score another goal. Tsubasa never give up and he scores 4 goals in a row with the drive shot and the game is going to extra time. But at the end, Tsubasa is down.moreless
    • Tournament Final! Nankatsu vs. Toho
      On the tournament finals, The first time of the game begins and Kojiro Hyuga scores the first goal in the first minutes of the game. Tsubasa wants to play but the coach does not let him play until the second time. Nankatsu is having a big problem with the fierce tiger shot of Kojiro and he scores 2 more goals at the end of the first time. With the score 3-0, Can Tsubasa make the difference in the second time with his drive shot?.moreless
    • Upsetting Doctor' s decision
      After his victory against Hikaru, Genzo wakabayashi returns to Japan and meets Tsubasa. He takes Tsubasa to the doctor of Genzo's team. While they are waiting for the exams, Tsubasa meets the Grunwald' soccer team and he watched a practice game along with Genzo. Unfortunately for Tsubasa, The doctor says that he can only play the next game 30 minutes and Tsubasa feels bad about it.moreless
    • Hot number 10 from a snow country
      In the semi-finals of the national soccer tournament, Nankatsu are just one game closer to victory, But Tsubasa is still hurt because of his shoulder. Can Nankatsu win the game and advance to the finals??.
    • A challenge from Jito
      The national soccer tournament begins one more time and Tsubasa is challenged by Jito, the captain of the ohter team. during the game, Jito injures Tsubasa' s shoulder, and only the drive shot is the only way to win the game. Can they suceed?.
    • Fierce Tiger Shot
      Fierce Tiger Shot
      Episode 13
      It' s been 3 years since Roberto left to Brasil, and Tsubaza still plays with Nankatsu. He wins the tournament soccer twice in a row and he is growing higher. Kojiro Hyuga realizes that playing with the Toho caused a lot of troubles with his coach and partners. So his old coach, trains him one more time and Kojiro learns the Tiger Shot. Kojiro Hyuga borns again.moreless
    • Kickoff for Tomorrow
      Tsubasa recaps his days with his friends and rivals at team Nankatsu.
    • Goodbye, Roberto
      Goodbye, Roberto
      Episode 11
      Following the championship game, Tsubasa and the others are given offers by different scouts, which result in his friends going all over the place. Before Roberto leaves, he teaches Tsubasa one more soccer technique, the drive shot.
    • Sizzling Final Match!
      The Nankatsu-Meiwa championship match goes into sudden death overtime.
    • Crash! Tsubasa vs Hyuga
      Tsubasa's team faces Hyuga's team again, but this time it's for the Championship! It's also a battle of the Wakas as Wakabayashi has returned for team Nankatsu, and Wakashimizu appears for team Meiwa.
    • Get up, Jun Misugi
      Tsubasa learns about Misugi's heart condition but gets so concerned that it affects his own game.
    • Ace of Glass
      Ace of Glass
      Episode 7
      After their game with Meiwa, team Nankatsu continues through the tournament and reaches the semi-finals against team Musashi, which is led by superstar Misugi. But when Tsubasa and Misugi go one-on-one, something goes wrong.
    • The Boy's National Soccer Championship Opens!
      The tournament for the National Championship begins as the Nankatsu team is up against the Meiwa team, led by Hyuga.
    • Captain Tsubasa is born!
      Tsubasa becomes the new captain of Nankatsu, but not without some headaches as some of his teammates are not being cooperative.
    • Blazing Kojiro
      Blazing Kojiro
      Episode 4
      This episode introduces Kojiro Hyuga, the skillful and aggressive leader of the Meiwa team. Hyuga challenges Genzo Wakabayashi's skills, and stirs up the Nankatsu team.
    • Taro Misaki Is Back
      Nankatsu's soccer tournament will finally take start. Nankatsu's team plays quite well in the first half with Tsubasa playing as a libero, but on the second half Wakabayashi gets angry and shoots from the middle of the field, scoring a goal. Ishizaki soons gets hurt, and due to the appearance of a new character (Misaki Tarõ), who can combine quite well with Tsubasa, they manage to score. However, in the end the best they can do is a tie.moreless
    • Tsubasa Meets Roberto
      This mysterious man reveals himself to be Roberto Hongo, a former brazillian player. After getting to know this, Nankatsu's soccer team asks him to train them. After accepting, Roberto tells them that "the ball is our friend". Finally, he performs an overhead kick, which amazes the entire team and makes Tsubasa mime such technique.moreless
    • Road to a dream
      Road to a dream
      Episode 1
      Tsubasa, on Brazil, starts remembering of his old times, when he reached Nankatsu... He remembers of the match from the small Nankatsu team vs Shutetsu, their rivals. That team had a super goalkeeper called Genzo Wakabayashi, who suffers a goal from Tsubasa... at the end of the game, Roberto Cedinho from Brazil appears in front of Tsubasa.moreless