Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere





Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Video vs. Vultura
      Video vs. Vultura
      Episode 15
      Our exciting series concludes as Dr. Tobar traps Captain Video and the Ranger with plans to take them to Atoma. But the planet’s dictator, Vultura, has other plans! How will our heroes get out of this evil scheme? Will Dr. Tobar switch sides to save his own skin?
    • Vengeance of Vultura
    • Mystery of Station X
      Captain Video recovers the lens from Dr. Tobar’s men, but now Vultura, the evil dictator from the planet Atoma, plans to destroy it, so that it cannot be used against him. Will our heroes be able to avoid the huge rocket that is hurtling toward the earth? Will the invaluable lens be destroyed in the inter-planetary battle for good and evil?moreless
    • Robot Pocket
      Robot Pocket
      Episode 12
      Captain Video speeds after Dr. Tobar’s agents who have stolen an invaluable lens from a government warehouse. The evil agents use the giant lens to distract Captain Video while he chases closely behind them. Will our hero be able to catch them in time? Will the powerful lens be recovered to its rightful owner?moreless
    • Weapon of Destruction
      Captain Video learns that Vultura plans to release platonite, a deadly metal, upon Earth with hopes to destroy it. He and the Video Ranger try desperately to avert disaster. Will Vultura succeed with his evil plot? Will Captain Video and the Video Ranger be able to save Earth in time?
    • Menace of the Mystery Metal
      Hoping to trap the invisible Dr. Tobar, Captain Video has a complicated camera brought into his headquarters, and the heroes begin to notice some suspicious activity. Dr. Tobar pretends not to understand why he is in their laboratory. Meanwhile, the room gets hotter and hotter, and the complicated camera explodes! Will our heroes be able to avoid a tragedy? Will Dr. Tobar confess to being a double-crosser?moreless
    • Video Springs a Trap
      Captain Video captures one of Vultura’s agents on Earth. The man escapes and flees with the invisible Dr. Tobar. Captain Video and the Video Ranger pursue them. The evil agent knocks off the unconscious Captain Video from his rocket ship, leaving him falling to his death! Will our hero be rescued? Is he facing certain death?moreless
    • Invisible Menace
      Invisible Menace
      Episode 8
      Having aroused the suspicions of both the dictator Vultura and Captain Video, Dr. Tobar realizes that he is in a desperate situation. Dr. Tobar evaporates our heroes, leaving only their coat buttons as remains. Where did our heroes go? Will they be able to recover?
    • Blasted by the Atomic Eye
      Captain Video and the Video Ranger escape from Atoma in the dictator’s rocket ship! They are unaware that Vultura has set up a trap for them. Will the pair be able to deflect the evil dictator’s vapor bombs and save their home planet? Will they escape the poisoned rocket in time?moreless
    • Astray in the Stratosphere
      After capturing one of Vultura’s face platforms, Captain Video and the Video Ranger daringly use it to invade the dictator’s planet, Atuma. The locals begin to conspire against our heroes when they pick up their tracks. Will the evil henchmen be able to trap our heroes? Is Vultura plotting another evil scheme?moreless
    • Flames of Atoma
      Flames of Atoma
      Episode 5
      Captain Video seeks aid from a scientist to analyze the mechanical brain he has captured. The scientist vanishes mysteriously and now our heroes have stumbled upon their frozen remains. Are Captain Video and the Video Ranger in for a cold surprise? Will they be the evil Vultura’s next victims?
    • Entombed in Ice
      Entombed in Ice
      Episode 4
      Vultura, dictator of Atoma, sends strange mechanical monsters to invade and conquer the earth. Captain Video and the Ranger race out to do battle with them. Does Vultura set up all this as a trap for our heroic pair? Will Captain Video and the Ranger be able to win out against these horrible space creatures?moreless
    • Captain Video's Peril
      Captain Video has led the people of Theros to a great victory over the invaders from Atoma. But now, Vultura makes a last desperate effort to avert defeat and disaster. Will Captain Video and the Video Ranger be able to give Vultura a taste of his own medicine? Will they escape the atomic shower that threatens to destroy the planet of Theros?moreless
    • Menace of Atoma
      Menace of Atoma
      Episode 2
      Unaware the Dr. Tobar is in league with the Vultura, Captain Video and the Video Ranger race towards Atoma in their space rocket to save the famous scientist. The evil Dr. Tobar sends a comet directly in their path! Will our heroes be able to escape with their lives? Will Dr. Tobar win in this battle versus good and evil?moreless
    • Journey into Space
      Captain Video was such a nationwide sensation that in 1951, Columbia Pictures Corporation contracted to produce a theatrical serial of the Captain's exploits, the first TV show ever to be adapted to the big screen. The result, Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere has been hailed as a nostalgic delight all the way through... a unique concoction, quite unlike any other serial ever made! (Roaring Rockets). Captain Video, (Master of Space! Hero of Science!) operating from his secret mountain headquarters on the planet Earth, rallies men of good will and leads them against the forces of evil everywhere! As he rockets from planet to planet, let us follow the champion of justice, truth and freedom throughout the universe! Stand by for Captain Video and his Video Rangers!moreless