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  • Cant Wait!

    Please tell me Capture is coming back?

    Its been 3 years now since it started and Im so captured by show........... please bring it back!
  • it Captured me as a viewer

    I just finished watching all 10 episodes, GREAT SHOW!!!

    hope it comes back next Summer
  • It's Definitely Captured My Attention

    As a guy who went away to Summer camp a month every year as a kid, I have a seriously primal attraction to the rundowns and ritual humiliations portrayed in this show. Add in the deprivations, general bitchiness from contestants of all genders and persuasions, and zany, game-changeing "advantages",and it reminds me of season one of Survivor- who knows what could happen next!
  • Meh. Has potential to be ok

    This show reminds me of a cheap 'Hunger Games' knockoff. (Not surprised since the CW has been having bad luck with new shows this year) Contestants are all in the middle of this fenced off arena in a forest and all teams stand on a platform as the host countdown. Then all teams get a head start to run into the woods to hide from the "hunt team'. The hunt team must capture 2 teams or face elimination themselves. The rest of the teams then vote for which captured team to eliminate. Basically an adult version of the Hunger games without the killing.
  • Skill based game.

    This is harder than it looks I'm sure.

    First disadvantage for the hunters is the low time to capture a team-was expecting at least 8-12 hours.

    And this would work both ways because they would each get tired, sick, depressed etc so even hunters could give up in a way not just the teams hunted.

    Second disadvantage is that they are all athletic people so hard to pass them by or touch them if they hear you.

    Hardest part is the sleeping arrangements.

    Okay show and I look forward to it :)