Car 54, Where are You?

Season 2 Episode 27

Lucille is 40

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 1963 on NBC

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  • Toody attempts to find Lucille the perfect gift for her 40th birthday.

    A typically brilliant episode with interwoven subplots and trademark Hiken coincidences. This is a particularly good episode in the way that so many regular characters get to shine in their own scenes. The Schnauzers get their best bickering going on, Muldoon is exasperated with Toody, the Toody's go back and forth at each other, etc. The shot of Toody preparing to "measure" Lucille's head never fails to have me laughing out loud. And, as expected, Beatrice Pons gives another terrific performance and Charlotte Rae is at her over-the-top best. Check this episode out and it'll land squarely within your top ten.