Card Sharks

NBC (ended 2002)


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  • great game show that needs to come back and im not talking about the awful 2001 version but the classic version that was fun and great to play. My Top Mark Goodson Game Show.

    if they dont send there man on the street they could take online polls. or they could send there man on the street and take online polls. If not bring it back in daytime bring it back in primetime and put it on CBS or NBC. Let me host it that is if they bring back the classic version because i feel that i could do a great job hosting Card Sharks and i use to watch it religiously well the Perry version i got to. Best Classic Game Show In my book and again i say deserves to be brought back just like the Perry or Eubanks Raffety version but more money and here is what i thought on it.

    Main Game- best two out of three wins or first to win two games (wins $500 per game)

    Money Cards- start the first line with $1,000 and then the next line move up and add $2,000 and the top line of course the big bet where you of course must bet at least half. possible total would be $160,000 if you double all the way up.