Cardcaptor Sakura

TV Tokyo (ended 2000)




Cardcaptor Sakura
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Sakura Kinomoto was an ordinary school girl, she was great at PE, she (just about) managed to do all her work, nothing out of the ordinary...until she discovered the Clow Book in her father's library and scattered the Clow Cards, cards with their own special magical abilities for a purpose if, not sealed, are capable of causing destructible havoc. Keroberos, or as Sakura calls him Kero, the guardian of the Clow Cards, chose Sakura to be the Cardcaptor as she awakened him, meaning her job is to capture the cards before things start to get out of hand nevertheless being a normal ten-year-old girl and keeping it a secret from everyone who doesn't have magical powers. Sakura must get all 52 cards and stop the disaster from being brought into the world or else the worst will happen to not just Tomoeda, where Sakura's friends and family live... but the whole world. To help her though is her best friend, fashion designer and chronicler, Tomoyo Daidouji, rival/ally/secret admirer Shaoran Li, and the mysterious Kaho Mizuki. Season One: Episodes 1 to 35 Sakura is a bright friendly girl who awakens the Clow Cards. In contest with her annoying rivals and classmates, Meiling Li and Shaoran Li, she has strength standing strong by her friends Keroberos the guardian beast, her annoying but caring brother Touya Kinomoto, her Sakura-obsessed cousin and best friend Tomoyo Daidouji and the benefits of her loved one...Yukito Tsukishiro. Season Two: Episodes 36 to 46 Sakura is getting better and stronger and her feelings for Yukito are deepening. Meiling and Shaoran have a little more respect and her brother is getting suspicious. But who cares? While she's not trying to escape from Tomoyo's affection, Meiling's glares, Shaoran's grumbles or Kero's video-game antics, she can lie in bed fully aware that she'll wake up the next day to her mysterious math teacher Kaho Mizuki. The time for Meiling's appearance to leave is drawing sooner... and how will Sakura capture the remaining cards and face something Kero hasn't informed her of: The Final Judgment? Season Three: Episodes 47 to 70 Sakura has captured the Cards but something mysterious happens. Although Meiling already departed, Shaoran is staying to help Sakura out with the "mysteries". Kaho Mizuki has left and her brother has already clicked. Yukito's real form, Yue, is standing strong by her side as her feelings are ready to pop; Keroberos's true form helps Sakura out greatly. Tomoyo's video-camera frenzies make her so happy as she continues to make her costumes for her beloved cousin. But how will Sakura deal with the surprises of Spinel Sun, Nakuru Akizuki and the one and only Eriol Hiiragizawa... better known as the former form of...Clow Reed?


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