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Tomoyo is annoying

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    [1]Apr 1, 2013
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    i hated the fact that tomoyo always want sakura to look good on the camera. In the start of the series, it was ok. Then it really pissed the heck out of me when Tomoyo was like "OH SAKURA! U HAVE TO WEAR THIS! IF U DON'T, U WON'T LOOK GOOD!" argh...!~ tomoyo is just....annoying -_-

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    [2]May 24, 2014
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    I don't find Tomoyo annoying at all, yes she can be eccentric at times but overall I like Tomoyo despite of her eccentricity. I think she is quite a lovely character because of how the way she show her care to Sakura as her best friend in her own way. Tomoyo likes to dress up Sakura because she wants to be designer when she is growing up, she uses Sakura as her model because Sakura is a really good friend of her.
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