Cardcaptor Sakura

Season 3 Episode 24

Sakura and Her True Feelings

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Mar 21, 2000 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Sakura sits in class silently and stunned about Li's confession. Tomoyo checks if things are OK. Then Li arrives and greets Sakura, but Sakura doesn't turn around; she just sits there mildly embarrassed. Mr. Terada arrives and begins class. He announces that Eriol will be moving back to England. Sakura wants to see Eriol, and Li does too.

Sakura, Li, and Tomoyo arrive at Eriol's mansion. They approach the gate, and it opens by itself. The other doors open as they enter the mansion, and a hallway lights up in front of them. Kero remarks he remembers more now, that he and Yue used to live with Clow; it looks like Kero's memories aren't being hidden away anymore. Sakura thinks about Eriol's statement that it's now over. The door at the end of the hall opens by itself. Sakura is about to tell Tomoyo to leave so she can be safe, but Tomoyo isn't afraid at all, and pulls out her trusty camcorder to film. They walk down the hall and into the room. A bunch of noise makers scare Sakura, but it's a surprise tea party with Eriol, Souppy, and Akizuki. They've been expecting them. Kero asks what's going on.

Eriol explains to everyone that as of yesterday, Sakura has transformed all the cards, and so Clow's mischief is over. For Clow Cards to continue their existence they needed to be reborn under their new master, otherwise they'll just turn into ordinary cards. So Eriol, the incarnation of Clow, created incidents to have Sakura transform the cards. Kero asks why he didn't tell her that from the beginning. Akizuki explains that Sakura was able to do her best because she didn't know the underlying storyline, but also that her powers were still developing. Sakura understands and says that Eriol knows everything, but Eriol mentions that not everything went as planned. Li asks what he means, but Eriol says he will keep that a secret. Tomoyo giggles, knowing what he meant. Eriol announces he has a guest arriving, and opens the door.

It's Ms. Mizuki! Eriol seats Mizuki, and she explains how she met Eriol while at college in England. She wanted to tell the truth to Sakura but couldn't, and apologizes. Eriol excuses himself to get more sweets. Kero and Souppy pig out on sweets.

As Eriol leaves he talks with Yue in the other room. Yue wants to know why Clow gave them a new master. Eriol responds that while he has Clow's memories, he is not Clow Reed. Yue wanted to wait for Clow, and Eriol responds that Yue must like her. Eriol hoped that originally Yue would love Sakura but some events didn't turn out the way he planned since Yue and Sakura ended up falling in love with someone else.

Afterwards, at the Li residence, Wei fields a phone call and it's from Shaoran's mother! Shaoran picks up the phone and tells his mom that all the cards have changed. Then he hears something from his mom that surprises him.

At class, Shaoran is working on a math problem on the board. Sakura continues to just sit at her desk, brooding, while her friends chat around her, come and go. Tomoyo chats and leaves. When Sakura goes home she sees Shaoran on the way and he wants to talk with her. He tells her that his mom called, and that all the cards were collected. He tells her he's glad to have met her. When he first came to Japan, he only thought of himself but after being with her, he has learned to reach out and make friends. Sakura responds by pointing out Li has abilities that she admires. Shaoran thanks her and then he rushes off. Sakura ponders what her feelings are for Shaoran.

Yukito and Touya are downstairs chatting. Clow Reed was trouble, but Yuki is thankful for Clow. Sakura arrives and rushes upstairs. Kero asks what's up, but Sakura lies in the bed face down. Sakura tries to figure out that she likes Shaoran as just friends, right? Wrong.

Shaoran fields a phone call from Mei-Lin, who asks if he confessed yet. Shaoran affirms, and Mei-Lin asks if she replied. Shaoran says she didn't reply yet. Mei-Lin is surprised and starts getting on his case when Wei interrupts and tells Shaoran it's time to go. Shaoran says bye to Mei-Lin and hangs up. He picks up his bag and then looks at the teddy bear he had made sitting on the dresser.

Sakura arrives downstairs to field a phone call. It's Tomoyo! She tells Sakura that Shaoran is going back to Hong Kong and his flight leaves at 11 today! He's leaving Japan! Sakura rushes back to her room. It's 9:10. She was going to confess her love but now she won't get that chance. She cries when a magic circle activates beneath her and a card appears before her, Sakura reaches out to it and it looks like one of the Sakura Cards. She turns over the card and looks, and thinks of Shaoran.

At the airport, Wei has just checked in for the two. Shaoran wonders if maybe Sakura will find out, but dismisses the idea. But then he hears his name. Sakura is running towards him! When she arrives, Shaoran asks why she's here. Sakura is about to confess when Wei interrupts and gives Shaoran his ticket. Sakura then says, "Your bear. Can I have it?" [She loves him! "_"]

Shaoran smiles and they extend hands as Sakura has accepted Li's love.

The opening theme song plays as we see flashbacks of Sakura and Li's adventures together.

Afterwards, Sakura is by herself at the airport. Sakura says, "I'll see you again, right?", and then the special Sakura card is revealed to be a heart.
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