Cardcaptor Sakura

Season 3 Episode 24

Sakura and Her True Feelings

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Mar 21, 2000 on TV Tokyo

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  • Sakura doesn't know what she is really feeling of how she feels about Li.She then hears that Li is returning to Hong Kong and she rushes to the airport where she yells out his name and she asks him if she could have the bear he made. She accepts his love!

    this was one of the cutest episode i have seen. Sakura doesn't know what she really feels about Li, is it love or just love towards a friend? she is really confused. Eriol had planned that Yue would fall in love with Sakura when she became his and Keroberos' new master, but it turned out differently. Yue's human form, Yuki fell in love with Toya and Sakura fell in love with Li without really noticing. when she finds out that Li is going back to Hong Kong she gets really sad, she rushes to the the airport to finally give Li her answer to him. she asks Li to give her the bear he had made and that serves as a sign that she accepted his love! this was so cute, she finally realized that what she felt was love towards Li! they make such a cute couple, its a real shame that Li had to go back to Hong Kong
  • I'd have to say its the cutest and most special episode of the show I have ever seen I have never loved the show like I do now it is truly the cutest episode created. A perfect conclusion.

    I'd have to say its the cutest and most special episode of the show I have ever seen I have never loved the show like I do now it is truly the cutest episode created. A perfect conclusion. The fact that Syaoran was leaving and how Sakura realized how much she loved him was so adorable. I support the couple more and more with each episode but this one just made me love them more than I did before. So if you haven't seen this episode you should. The ending where Syaoran gives Sakura the bear is so sweet and adorable ^_^
  • Okay now we all know that it's not the average anime series ending...It's better!

    So, you are watching an anime show. You absolutely love it and you can't wait until the obvious couple confesses their feelings for eachother! Get ready! The last episode! Alright here it comes! SMACK! They don't confess. The series ends. No movies. Maybe it ended with a hug. No kiss, no confession, no love. How many times has this happened to you? Probably every single anime you've ever watched! I'm a sucker for romance on anime and I hate it when the obvious couple never gets together. I have watched probably 10-20 anime shows that have ended like this. Now this! This is why I love Card Captor Sakura! Li confesses, the end. But, it's not the whole ending! There's another movie to it! Now whoever agrees with this please give a thumbs up!: Card Captor Sakura's ending is great! And also, when I say ending I meant the movie, too!
  • Not exactly how I imagined it. It's even better!

    I loved the series finale. Even though it\'s the last episode, we can feel that it isn\'t over since Sakura hasn\'t exactly replied \"I Love You Too\" to Syaoran. Hence, the second movie was released.

    This is one very special episode. With all the flashbacks of their past adventures, with their love confessed, with practically everyone happy in the thing I wasn\'t satisfied with was Yukito and Toya\'s last scene. But it\'s not a big problem anyway. I still liked the whole episode.

    It can be tearful, but it is tears of joy! ^^
    okay, I sound obsessed. But maybe I am. The characters are very well developed. They\'re simply to die for! xP

    I loved the part where Syaoran leaves to the airport without telling Sakura. Builds the plot. ^^

    It shows that Syaoran really cares for her because he didn't want to see her hurt or disturbed. Yes, it's very painful to say goodbye. Sakura, without hesitation, went to see him off at the airport after hearing news from Tomoyo.

    I'm glad that Wei brought along the teddy bear Syaoran made for Sakura. It really got me upset when Syaoran just left the bear on his desk, and not giving it to Sakura. It's like leaving his love behind.

    Since the series first released, in 1998, I fell in love with the couple. The two are still my favourite couple till today. Better yet, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, another CLAMP production aired in my country a couple of months ago. From the commercial, I knew I had to watch in xD Best of all, the main characters are from Cardcaptor Sakura. Syaoran as the leading roll. In this anime, their love is shown clearly. This clearly makes it more exciting.

    No more Cardcaptor Sakura? Then watch Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Same Characters. Different Plot. One Love.
  • Can't find a better to way end...

    This is, arguably THE best episode in the whole series. It really makes you in love with whole series. It finally shows what Sakura and Syaoran's relationship really is, and really spills what emotions you have left in you. This can seriously make people cry. It has some of the most powerful scenes in the whole series. This includes the famous "I like Syaoran too. But is that just because we're friends? ..." quote, the teddy bear exchange at the airport. and the extra card (Heart with wings) being made to show the fact that Sakura really loves Syaoran. It finishes the anime with the best it can do and CLAMP should be proud.
  • This the The Best episode. I could watch it over and over and over and......

    This episode is good. Li finally told her he\'s feelings in the episode before. Now Sakura is trying to figure out how she feels. After all they had be through together i don\'t think sakura ever thought she could be in love with him. But she now questions their whole relationship. I so love the ending. Sakura is crying about not know how she feels about Li and a teardrop hits the floor and a magic circle appears around hwer and a card is created and floats in front of her. she turns the card so we can\'t see it and smiles. At the very end it shows the card and it\'s a heart with wings. *Starts crying* So Beautiful. LoL. Great episode.