Cardcaptor Sakura

Season 3 Episode 18

Sakura and the Snowy Ski School

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Jan 18, 2000 on TV Tokyo
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Sakura and the Snowy Ski School
Sakura and her class go on a field trip where she and Shaoran learn to ski for the first time. That night, Naoko asks Eriol to tell a scary story, and Eriol talks about a snow capped mountain, much like the one in the area, that has a snow fairy that freezes people in an avalanche. The next day Sakura is put in a difficult situation when she is put it the same situation.moreless

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  • Sakura's class went on a school trip (again) to a ski resort. Lots of excitement, humour and absolute sweetness occurs!!

    The episode began with Kero at Sakura's house eating lots of food that Sakura left for him. This is the only time he is in the episode.

    Sakura's class are on a ski trip and while Eriol and Tomoyo are brilliant at skiing, Sakura and Shaoran are... not!

    That night Naoko asks Eriol does he know any scary stories and he tells them all about a snow fairy who freezes people. Sakura is very scared and Shaoran says that they should all go to bed. It's really sweet because he only said it because Sakura was scared!!

    Eriol says that he didn't know Sakura was scared of scary stories and says how he wouldn't have told the story if he had known. She says it is okay because she is just being silly. She asks him if there is anything that he can't stand and he says there is but it's a secret.

    That night Sakura cant sleep so she goes into the lounge and finds Shaoran there (he is actually thinking about her and gets a huge fright when he sees her. So funny!)They go outside because it's snowing and Shaoran tells her about how he doesn't like Yukito anymore and how he really likes someone else. Sakura asks who it is and just when he is about to tell her that it is her, she apologizes and says that she shouldn't ask him.

    The next day, Sakura and Shaoran are a lot better at skiing and Sakura decides to go up to the mountains. Eriol goes with her but while they're on their way up, they get caught in a blizzard and Sakura thinks that it is the snow fairy.

    Back at the lodge Tomoyo tells Shaoran that Sakura and Eriol are still out in the blizzard and of course, he gets really worried. Meanwhile Sakura is thinking about how she has to use magic but can't in front of Eriol. She runs off and transforms the TIME card. She stops time and is about to use FIREY but faints before she can use it. She is about to be ran over by an avalanche but Eriol saves her. Back at the lodge, everyone is really worried about Sakura and Eriol, especially Shaoran and Tomoyo. They see them return and are so relieved. Shaoran runs to Sakura (Awww) and asks if she is alright. She says she is but then collapses. Eriol says that she is exhausted and needs rest. Shaoran lifts Sakura onto his shoulders and carries her inside (This is very sweet, BTW). Eriol watches Sakura and says that what he can't stand is making her sad like this but that for awhile he can't help it.

    This really is a brilliant episode and all of the Sakura/Shaoran moments are adorable!! Definetely 10/10!!moreless
Katsuyuki Konishi

Katsuyuki Konishi

Terada Yoshiyuki

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Issei Miyazaki

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Emi Motoi

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