Cardcaptor Sakura

Season 3 Episode 23

Sakura Meets Clow Reed

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM Mar 14, 2000 on TV Tokyo
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Sakura Meets Clow Reed
Eriol has revealed his true identity, and he casts a spell over the entire town, putting everyone to sleep except for those with magic. Sakura must defeat the spell or everyone will sleep forever. It is a huge challenge for Sakura, as Eriol fends off Sakura’s card attacks easily, and her companions Keroberos and Yue have to battle Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon. It will take all of Sakura’s power and then some to meet the challenge.moreless

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  • Sakura faces off against Clow Reed when he puts a spell all around the town and puts everyone to sleep.She then turns the last cards into Sakura cards and defeats the spell that Clow Reed had put on the town and he leaves and Li confesses his LOVE to her!moreless

    This was the most cutest episode ever! the way that Li got the courage to tell Sakura the way he felt for her. it was so nice the way he got close to Sakura and helped her to turn the Light and the Dark Clow Cards into Sakura cards with his magic, since he is a decendant of Clow Reed. it was so cute the way he was stuggling to tell Sakura that he was in LOVE with her! it was to bad that we didn't see what her response was. it was so nice the way he said it.moreless
  • Eriol reveals himself along with RubyMoon and Spinel Sun!!!Watch what happens..

    Action-packed episode...whoa!!I really liked this episode.

    Ruby Moon fights quite well although both Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon seem a bit dependent on Eriol\'s power to get one-over Yue and Kero.There are a lot of revelations about Eriol\'s character,when Sakura managed to change the Light and Dark cards,Ruby Moon seemed disappointed that she did while Spinel Sun said to Eriol,\"This is what you wanted,right?\",and Eriol smiles.This episode will also be a favorite of people who support Syaoaran and Sakura\'s relationship as Syaoran finally confesses his feelings!The action sequences are quite cool especially Ruby Moon and Yue\'s fight.I\'m sure every CCS fan would have liked this episode.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Kero and Yue fuse with the Star Wand to give Sakura more power in order to transform the Light and Dark Cards. The wand is similar to the star wand; it has the star shape with four extra points (the pink circle disappears). A crescent moon and sun appear under the star, representing both Kero and Yue respectively. Plus there is a red gem in the middle of the sun. The wings also grow in size. And the wand becomes much longer.

    • Clow Cards Transformed: Silent, Shot, Rain, Storm, Fight, Cloud, Light, Dark.

      In order to transform Light and Dark, Sakura must use a great deal of energy (which she does via Keroberos and Yue fusing with her staff) and transform them at the same time.

    • Sakura's Costume: White coat with gold stars.

    • Eriol's magic circle is Sakura's old magic circle (Sun in the middle, Moon on one side) which was also Clow Reed's magic circle. This makes sense since he is the reincarnation of Clow Reed.

    • Eriol had intended for Shaoran to fall asleep, but because of his magical power he was able to stay awake. Only those with magical powers stayed awake during the darkness Eriol bestowed upon the world. This is why when Syaoran casts a magic spell (calls upon the God of Wind) he becomes very weak.

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