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Cardcaptor Sakura

Season 1 Episode 5

Sakura, the Panda, and the Cute Store

Aired Weekdays 4:00 PM May 05, 1998 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Sakura, the Panda, and the Cute Store
The new stores Twin Bells opens and everyone goes to check out its various cute merchandise. While Sakura and her friends are looking around the store, Chiharu shows up and buys a stuffed Panda. Everyone heads to her house, but suddenly the Panda disappears. Sakura brings Kero to the shop where he senses a Clow Card.moreless

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  • An anticlimatic ending?

    Sakura was right, it was an anticlimatic ending. I thought this episode really picked up slow at the beggining, but the pace was really good. Miss Maki looked a lot like Tomoyo, skin color and hair. And Tomoyo is in choir, how many talents does she have!? Well, the action was kinda meh for me in this episode the ending was too dull, when the giant mass of plush toys was about to attack Sakura I thought she was going to whoop out some super Clow Card action but the thing just fell... and then she sealed it. So it was ok, nothing too special in this episode.moreless
  • The jump card makes some trouble.

    It all started

    when Sakura was skayting through the town.She accidently scared the woman who was sealing the stuff away.Altough the boxes fall this make Sakura,wondered if she was an klutz.Than Sakura friend asked Sakura to come along with her to the new grand opening store.They begin to help the owner set up the store.Sakura finds something odd with the stuff toys after her friends checked out her room.After finding the toys back in the shop.The store owner confesses that she had own town people begin to think that there is an thief in town and that she's the theif.It was discovered that an clow card known as jump was causing this.After capturing the clow card.The store remain in its placemoreless
Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Maki Matsumoto

Guest Star

Tomoko Kawakami

Tomoko Kawakami

Rika Sasaki

Recurring Role

Miwa Matsumoto

Miwa Matsumoto

Chiharu Mihara

Recurring Role

Emi Motoi

Emi Motoi

Naoko Yanagisawa

Recurring Role

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    • Maki: (to Tomoyo and Sakura about why she runs a shop) I was engaged. He was a designer, but he died in a car accident...He loved plush toys, and...told me that he wanted to sell plush toys that he designed in his own shop.
      Sakura: Miss Maki.
      Maki: If I quit...he'll be sad...But I can't do this anymore...

    • Sakura: Kero, you said that there wouldn't be a card stupid enough to collect plush toys...
      Kero: Well, Jump in itself is like a plush toy. Maybe it just wanted friends?

    • Sakura: A shop where something bad happens to you when you buy stuff there? You don't mean...getting something stolen?
      Tomoyo: Yes.
      Sakura: And that's Miss Maki's shop?
      Tomoyo: I can't say that for sure, it's a rumor in the toy store industry.

    • Sakura: (thinking) Tomoyo's in the choir. She's really good at singing and has won many competitions. (listens to Tomoyo sing) It's a beautiful voice.

    • Kero: (talking to a cat plushie) You're pretty good-looking.
      Sakura: What are you doing?!

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