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In ancient times, the powerful sorcerer Clow Reed captured the power of magic in the Clow Cards, sealing them within the Clow Book to protect the world. The book was hidden for thousands of years until archaeologist Aiden Avalon discovered it, unaware of what powers lay within. Now his daughter, Sakura, has broken the seal on the Clow Book and must once again capture the Clow Cards.
Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Spinner Sun

Linda Rae

Linda Rae

Layla MacKenzie

Michael McConnohie

Michael McConnohie

Fujitaka Kinomoto / Aiden Avalon (2nd movie)

Rhys Huber

Rhys Huber

Li Showron

Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Aiden Avalon

Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan


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  • A Classic

    Hey Viacom buy this show's english dub and please don't buy Squirrel Boy from Cartoon Network. You'll thank me. Besides this more underrated than those last minute entry that people consider a classic like Squirrel Boy, Shuriken School or Tak and The Power of Juju and don't get me started on Sidekick.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura

    It was the best anime when i was a kid. The romance, the action and fantasy is just perfect! This should be the best anime any one should watch. Plus all my friend love it.
  • BEST!

    Wow! When did this show come out? I think when I was in grade 3 or 4!

    Soo long ago! :S

    So I remember I hated Li @ the start even I still thought he was kinda cool. I love them together now. I even saw the 2nd movie! took forever to find it in English. If you guys have ever seen the manga/or the Jap. version...Um Maddison is a bit of a lesbian...Shes in lobe w Sakura...And Sakuras brother is gay?? IDK

    He was aways soo kool!moreless
  • Older Fans VS younger fans

    by the time you're old enough to understand how much cardcaptors was altered from Card Captor Sakura you're also old enough to purchase the manga and subtitled anime. Cardcaptors just like sailor moon was altered to be made appropriate for a younger generation then it was initially designed for. When I was a teenager and this was on TV that really bothered me. Now I'm an adult with my own family and you know what this show is great for young children just as it was intended when it was dubbed. My daughter is 5 and some of the alterations I really wouldn't care if my daughter saw (like homosexuality) but I'm glad it was dubbed down for a younger generation because the crap on cable these days is horrible and you know what this is a great show, no it's not the same as the japanese anime or the manga but that means you get to enjoy it 3 times 3 different ways :)moreless
  • This show is about a girl (Sakura) who accidentally releases the mystical Clowcards created by Clow Reed. She then becomes the cardcaptor, with the help of Kero to retrieve them.

    After a young girl named Sakura Avalon accidentally releases a series of magical cards encased within an ancient book called The Clow, she finds her life flipped, turned upside down as she attempts to recapture all of the cards before they can destroy the world. Sometimes rivals and sometimes allies, Sakura and a boy named Li Syaoran (Li Showron in the English dubbed version) try to recapture all of the Clow Cards before they wreak havoc upon the world.

    One day in early April, shortly after her birthday and only slightly into her fourth grade year, she discovers the Mysterious Clow Book.moreless
  • 5:30 pm
    Thursday Night Football

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Animation, Fantasy, Kids