Season 1 Episode 36

Cardcaptors: The Movie

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 2002 on The WB
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Cardcaptors: The Movie
Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong, but is it really luck or fate that has brought her to the place where the Clow Cards were created? Sakura learns that vengeful magic looms from a spirit from the time of Clow Reed himself which will endanger Sakura's family and friends. Do the Cardcaptors have the power to defeat someone whose magic once rivaled Clow's?moreless

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  • Story #36: Sakura Goes To Hong Kong

    This Story Begins Sakura Is In Battle with The "Arrow" Card'S Visible Form

    Of A Smallish Pink Girl, Wearing A Bluish-Purple Outfit Consisting Of Shorts,

    Top With Long Back Tails, Long Gloves, And Long Boots Topped With Balls On The Foot,

    With A Pudding Basin Haircut,

    A Red Circular Gem On Her Hair, And Two Long Pigtails Held By Balls

    Capable Of Creating And Firing A Continuous Stream Of Magical Arrows

    Li Has Just Used The Power Of Lightning On The "Arrow" Card'S Visible Form

    Which Didn't Work

    So Quickly Sakura Uses "The Windy Card" First

    Then "The Jump Card" To Get Behind The "Arrow" Card'S Visible Form

    And Finally Succeeding In Sealing The "Arrow" Card With Her Wand Staff

    So Sakura Now Has 32 Clow Cards And Li Has 5.

    Meanwhile In Sakura's House,

    Both Sakura And Kero Were Sleeping

    It Was Just Before Midnight When The Clow Book On Sakura's Desk

    Suddenly Glows As Sakura Dreams Of Herself

    In A Strange Room With Windows At The Ceiling, Allowing Light To Come In

    The Water Droplets Were Falling,

    Creating Ripples On The Waters Surface, Which Sakura Is Standing On

    Then Strange Ribbons Come Up And Ensnare Her, Dragging Her Underwater Without Resistance From Sakura

    While Underwater, Sakura Hears "Water Is Something That Is Ever Flowing" Which Is Clow Reed's Voice.

    The Next Morning At School,

    Well The Semester Is Just About Over For Spring Break

    When Everyone Is Going On Vacation Until The Next School Week

    Just After School Masdion And Sakura Goes Inside The

    "Twin Bells" Shop When There Is A Contest Going On

    Then Sakura Picks A Colored Ball Out Of A Box.

    When Sakura Puts Her Hand Into The Box, The Gold Ball Goes Right Into Her Hand.

    The Gold Ball That Sakura Had Picked/Went Into Her Hand Is Revealed

    To Be The Grand Prize, A Four Ticket Trip To Hong Kong!

    Back In Sakura's House,

    Sakura Was Very Excited Is It's Her First Trip

    Overseas Kero Then Tells Her That He's Been There

    In Hong Kong Before At The Time When Clow Reed Was

    Still Alive And Hasn't Been Since

    Not Only That Kero Has Also Said That

    That's Where The Clow Cards Were Created There

    Sakura's Father Was Away On A Business Trip At The Time

    Which Sakura Had Forgot About

    And So

    Madison, Kero, Tori, And Julian All Went Along With Her.

    Since It's Madison's First Trip There Too

    She Thought That It's A Good Idea To Bring Her Videocam Along

    To Tape Everything

    And After They Were On The Plane

    Julian On The Other Hand Has Said To Sakura That

    It's His First Time There Too

    After They've Arrived In Hong Kong,

    Inside The Hotel Room Sakura Was Looking Outside

    The Window And Saw How Big It Is

    Kero On The Other Hand Saw On How Everything Has Changed

    A Lot.

    By The Way: Here's Another Secret Both Li And Meilin Are Both

    From Hong Kong Before Being Transfered To Sakura's School!

    Meanwhile In Li's House

    Sakura , Madison, Julian And Tori

    Had Just Met Li's Mother And His 4 Older Sisters For The First Time

    Remember Them?

    Then When She Senced That Sakura Has Had 32 Clow Cards In Possesion

    She Warns Sakura Of The Danger That Was About To Unfold

    Finally Li's Mother Invites All 4 Of Them To Stay At Their House For The Night

    Finally The Battle Begins Between Sakura And The Mysterious Woman From Sakura's Dream

    Using "The Fly Card" Sakura Was Dodging Whips Of Water

    Li Then Appeared On The Scene To Protect Sakura By Using "The Freeze Card"

    With His Sword

    Then The Mysterious Woman Reveals To The 3 Of Them Of The Others

    While They Were Being Trapped In Bubbles Asleep

    Then She Demands To Know Where Clow Reed Is

    Kero On The Other Hand Knew That There's Something Familiar About Her

    Then Li Uses "The Storm Card" With His Sword To Trap The Mysterious Woman

    Sakura Releases Madison With "The Sword Card" And While Using "The Fly Card"

    She Tells Tori, Julian And Meilin That She'll Come Back For Them

    When Madison Wakes Up The Mysterious Woman Breaks Free And Said

    "It is He Then Tells Sakura To Get Out

    Li Is Now Captured By The Mysterious Woman.

    The Mysterious Woman Then Threatens Them That If Clow Reed Won't Come To

    Set Her Free Then She'll Free Herself With Sakura's Powers

    Finally Sakura, Madison And Kero Has Managed To Get Away

    By Flying Up Towards The Ceiling From The Relm

    They Suddenly Apperared Back Inside The Abandoned Shop

    That Was Undamaged By The Water And The Book On The Floor


    Kero Then Said That The Aura Form The Book Is Now Gone

    Taking The Relm With It.

    Back Inside The Hotel Room

    Kero Has Revealed To Both Sakura And Madison About The Mysterious Woman:

    Her Name Is Sue Young And She's A Fourtune Teller

    Who Was Once In Love With Clow Reed Ad Not Only That

    Clow Reed Has Taught How To Use Magic

    But Unfortunatley She Uses Her Magical Powers

    For Evil Purposes And So He Has Trapped Her

    Into Another Relm

    To Vow Revenge Against Him Sue Has Created A Book

    For Him To Return And Set Her Free.

    Later Kero Tells Sakura And Madison That There's Another

    Way Inside The Relm And Which Is The Same Well That

    Sakura Has Been To The Day Before When She Was Following The Birds

    So, Back At The Well

    Sakura Now In Her New Waterproof Battle Suit

    Along With Kero And Madison

    Had Arrived There

    Kero Said That There's A Strong Energy Comming From Inside

    Sakura Then Sees A Strange Forcefield That Surronds It

    To Prevent Anyone From Comming In

    Then Li's Mother Shows Up Behind Them

    And She Said That Li's Presence Has Somehow

    Disappeared However His Power Was No Match For Sue's

    Power But Sakura's Could

    Using Her Magic From Her Handheld Fan Li's Mother

    Cuts Through The Barrier To Help

    Sakura And Kero Gain Access Inside.

    Back Inside The Relm,

    Both Sakura And Kero Were In The Same Room Again

    Just Like Before

    Sue Young Then Shows Up Demanding To Bring

    Clow Reed To Her

    So That Sakura Could Save Her Friends

    But Sakura Knew That Sue Will

    Never Listen To Both Of Them.

    Suddenly The Room Itself Begins To Collaspe

    And The Bubbles That Held Tori, Meilin, Julian And Li

    Inside Them Disappeared

    Sue Then Gets Loose In The Real World

    While Back In The Relm The Collasping Room

    Has Stopped

    Then Both Sakura And Kero Quickly Emerged Out Of The Well

    When Sakura Uses "The Fly Card" To Search All Over Hong Kong

    To Find Sue.

    Finally When They Spotted Sue Who Again Threatens To Attack Them

    Until They Tell Her Where Clow Reed Is

    And Just Like In Sakura's Dream Sue Uses Her Ribbons To Ensnare


    Meanwhile At The Abandoned Building That Was Under


    Sue Has Just Tied Up Sakura With Her Ribbons

    And Demands Her Again By Asking Where Clow Reed Is

    Sakura Has Tried Telling Her That Clow Reed Died

    But Sue Didn't Believe Her

    Then Suddenly Series Of Tornadoes Appeared Out Of Nowhere

    Sue Then Said To Sakura That She Was Trapped In The Relm Because Of Him

    Which Brings Sue To Fill The Constrution Area With Water Flooding It

    And Has Brought Sakura Underwater Just Like In Her Dream

    While Still Underwater Sakura Sees The Flashback

    With Sue Young And Clow Reed

    And How He Imprisions Her

    Then Sakura Find Out The Flower Barrette That Julian Has Bought Earlier

    For Her Is Another Entrance To The Relm Too

    Just Then Clow Reed's Voice Appeared To Sakura Just Like In Her Dream

    That said:"Water Is Something That Is Ever Flowing"

    Using The "Arrow" Card Sakura Mangages To Drain The Building Free From Water

    And Breaking Sakura Free From Sue's Ribbons.

    When Sue Sees Sakura Again:

    Sakura Then Tells Sue About How She Felt Betrayed By Clow Reed When He Has

    Prisoned Her So Long Ago

    She Then Said That He Had Never Meant To Do That

    But Clow Reed Is Dead Now And Sakura Tells Sue That

    She's Sorry That Sue Had To Be Punished For Her Crime

    And That Sue Herself Has To Suffer The Concinqences

    Because Of That

    Then Begs Her To Let Julian Tori Meilin And Li Go

    When Sue Then Asked Sakura If That Was True That Clow Reed Died

    Sakura Replies To Sue That It Is True.

    Suddenly The Realization of Clow Reed's Death Finally Reaches Sue

    Then Said That All Sue Wanted From Him Was To Be Set Free

    But Soon Discovers That Revenge Wasn't The Answer To

    Begin With

    Sue Then Forgives Clow Reed And Then Disappears Leaving Her Spirit To

    Finally Rest In Peace And The Shell Barrette She Had

    The Third Entrance Into The Other Realm, Breaks Which Releases The Others

    And Sets Them Free As Well

    Yes Sakura And Madison Had One Heck Of A Trip That Week

    But There Are More Adventures For Sakura And Her Friends

    That Is Yet To Come

  • A fine movie...

    Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong and has been having strange dreams about a woman and she learns that she was summonded to Hong Kong by the woman in her dreams and she must battle Sue Young to return her friends. This is movie any Cardcaptor and anime fan should see. The musics great, the plot is fantastic and you'll enjoy this movie as much as I did.
  • Sakura's win to Hong Kong turns to a worse as she learns that vengeful magic looms from a spirit from the time of Clow Reed himself which will endanger Sakura's family and friends.moreless

    Best films ever! I think fans of Cardcaptors will like this movie. As soon as I saw this, I became interested and bought it. I's a great movie with great art and music heard on Cardcaptors, Songs From the Hit Tv Series. Sakura wins a trip to Hong Kong. There, a ghost trapped in a dimension calls out to Sakura to set her free. Also, vengeful magic looms from a spirit from the time of Clow Reed himself which will endanger Sakura's family and friends. Will Sakura be able to save her friends when she kidnaps them? Overall, I rate this film a 100%!moreless
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Mona Marshall

Shaoran Li / Li Showron (2nd movie)

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Spinner Sun and Kaho Mizuki / Layla MacKenzie (2nd movie)

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Madison Taylor

Matt Hill (III)

Matt Hill (III)


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Takashi Yamazaki / Zackery (2nd movie)

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Kero and Sonomi Daidouji (2nd movie)

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