Season 3 Episode 23

Revelations (1)

Aired Unknown Dec 13, 2001 on The WB
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Revelations (1)
Sakura has returned to the present from meeting with Clow Reed. Eli appears and reveals his true identity, but before Sakura has time to confront him, he casts a spell that turns the sky into darkness, making everyone but Sakura, Li, Kero Beros, Yue, himself, Spinner Sun and Ruby fall asleep. Ruby is sent to fight Yue and Spinner Sun is sent to fight Kero Beros. Sakura asks what he has done and he tells her. She then finds out that if she doesn't regain light in the world before dawn, everyone will sleep ... forever. Sakura is running out of time. Yue and Kero Beros escape from Spinner Sun and Ruby to tell Sakura that if they merge with the staff she will have enough power to transform the Light and Dark cards, the cards she needs. However, if she can't transform them, they will die and be stuck in the staff forever... TO BE CONTINUED... Contributor: zimisthegr8estmoreless

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  • Story #69: Revelations Pt.1


    As You Recall In The Last Story

    After Her Conversation With Clow Reed

    Sakura Has Returned To The Present Time

    With Her Friends And Kero.

    Only To Find Out By Li

    That Both Yue And Kero's Memories

    Had Been Erased

    And That Was Why Niether Kero Nor Yue

    Has Ever Been To The Manison Where Eli

    Is Living Now

    The Same House Where The Movie Was Shot

    In Story #65.

    Also Where Clow Reed Was Sitting In A Big Red Chair

    Talking To Yue And Kero

    When Sakura Went Inside The Room

    Through The Opened Door.

    As Sakura Can See When She Asked Who Did This

    To Both Yue And Kero And Caused Their

    Memories To Go Blank

    The Voice Then Said: I Can Tell You That

    And As Li, Madsion, Sakura And Kero

    Looked On The Top Of The Shrine

    It Was Eli That Was Standing There.

    Suddenly The Group Then Hears A Strange Confession

    When Eli Said To Them: Eli Was My Name In This Life Time

    But My Past Life's Name Was Clow Reed

    So Now Sakura Knew

    That Both Eli And Clow Reed Are One Of The Same Person!

    You Shoulda Seen This Comming Sakura

    Down Below Was Spinner At The Right Side

    And Ruby Was At The Left Side

    Then Eli Begins To Use His Sun Key's

    Power By Saying:

    I Call Upon The Powers Of The Day And The Night Sun And Darkness Unleash Your Might Release

    In Which Transforms Into A Sun Staff.

    As Both Ruby And Spinner Were Floating In The Air

    He Begins Another Chant By Saying:

    Now Return To Thy True Forms, Spinner Sun And Ruby Moon

    Transforming Them Both Into Their True Forms

    Who Are Now On The Top Of The Shrine Next To Him

    Spinner On The Left And Ruby On The Right.

    So, The Final Battle Begins...

    As You Can See It Was Just Like In Sakura's

    Strange Dream In Story #62

    The Figures On The Arch

    And The Sun Staff That Eli Was Holding

    The Same Staff That Clow Reed Used To

    Have Many, Many Centuries Ago.

    Then Kero Asked Him:

    Why Did You Just Watch Sakura's Life Be Put

    In A Jepordizing Postion Like That

    Then Eli's Reply Was: You'll Soon See Keroberos

    Kero Then Sees Clow Reed's Spirit Inside Eli.

    Suddenly, Just Like In Sakura's Dreams

    Eli Uses His Power To Create Darkness

    All Over The Place By Eclipsing

    The Sun And The Moon At The Same Time

    Causing Everyone But The Seven Of Them

    To Fall Asleep

    As Both Yue And Sakura's Brother Tori

    Were On The Way There To The Shrine

    To See What Happened

    But Then Tori

    Went Into Unconsciousness By Sleeping

    Then Suddenly Everything Went Dark.

    Eli Has Casted A Spell To Create Darkness On

    Everyone And Everything As A Test For Sakura

    Then Eli said That If She Doesn't Regain

    Some Light To Break The Spell Before Sunrise

    Then Everyone Including Her Classmates,

    Her Father, Her Brother And Madison's Mother

    Will Sleep Forever

    And The Only Way To Do That Is For

    Sakura To Use Her Star's Power.

    Then Suddenly Spinner Goes On To Attack

    The Group But Kero Transforms Into

    His True Form To Save Them

    It Looks Hopeless For Kero

    Until Yue Shows Up With Sakura's Brother Tori

    Who Was Sleeping In His Arms Just In Time

    As Yue Puts Tori Down To Sleep

    Against The Tree

    Ruby Begins To Take On Yue Into A Battle.

    While That Is Going On Sakura Was Helpless

    To See That Yue And Kero Would

    Never Have A Chance Against Ruby And Spinner

    Unless Sakura Does Something And She Does.

    By Asking Why Is He Forcing Her

    Eli Replies That: If You Want To Know,

    Break My Spell First, Time Is Running Out

    Don't You Even Care About What Will Happen?

    That No One Will Open Their Eyes Anymore?

    Sakura Then said That She Does

    Suddenly Eli's Staff Begins To Glow

    When It Was About To Unleash A Powerful Beam

    Towards Her

    Sakura Quickly Uses "The Shield Star Card"

    To Protect Her.

    Then Using "The Jump Star Card"

    To Have Her Come Towards Him

    While Dodging The Beams

    And As The Beam Knocks Her Out

    Li Uses The Power Of Wind To Save Sakura

    And Landing Her Safe To The Ground.

    Sakura Runs Over To Li And Tells Him

    To Hang On

    Then Eli Tells Her That If She Doesn't Hurry

    She Has Already Decided Their Fate

    Now With Sakura Using "The Windy Star Card"

    It Attempts To Cage Eli As She Did With Yue

    But It Didn't Work.

    When Eli Again Uses His Sun Staff To Form

    The Powerful Beam To Attack

    Sakura Uses "The Fly Star Card"

    To Get Out Of It's Way

    But Then The Beam Caused Sakura To Lose Her Wings

    By Setting Them On Fire.

    Now Back On The Ground Sakura

    Who Was Saved By The Bushes That She Landed On

    Kero And Yue Rushed To The Scene To Help Sakura

    When They Were Being Attacked By Spinner And Ruby

    But Then Yue And Kero Attacks Them Instead.

    Suddenly Sakura Was Surrounded By Her Star Cards

    That Were Floating Around Her

    Then She Looks At The Remaining 8 Of The

    Clow Cards That Haven't Been Transformed Yet

    In Her Left Hand And 38 Star Cards In Her

    Right Hand

    Kero Tells Her That Something Must Be Done And


    Then Sakura Begins To Transform The Remaining 8

    Of The Clow Cards By Saying: I Call Upon The Power Of My Star, Ancient Forces Near And Far

    Clow Cards Discard Your Former Might And Draw Your Power From My Light!

    Six Of Them Had Changed But The Last Two "The Light And Dark Cards" Didn't

    As Sakura Tries Again To Transform By This Time Using "The Light Card"

    Saying: I call Upon The Power Of My Star, Ancient Forces Near And Far

    "Light" Card Discard Your Former Might And Draw Your Power From My Light! Star Card!

    But That Didn't Work Niether.

    What's Going On? Why Is This Happening?

    Sakura Thinks To Herself If Something

    Isn't Done Soon Everyone Will Sleep Forever

    Then Says:"I Can't Allow That To Happen And I Won't"

    Kero Then Said That Both "The Light And Dark Cards"

    Are Always Together So They Both Must Be Transformed

    At The Same Time

    But How?

    Then Kero Tells Her That There's Only One Solution:

    That Both Yue And Kero Can Go Inside Her Staff

    And If They Do

    They Can Use Their Powers To Reach The Last 2 Clow Cards.

    Eli Then Tells Her That It's The Only Way

    Because If She Doesn't Transform The Last 2

    Cards Then Both Yue And Kero Will Be Trapped Inside Her Staff

    For Enternity.

    Oh No!

    That's Terrible!

    Could This Mean The End

    For Everyone And The World?

    Story Concludes In Part 2moreless
  • When Sakura begins the battle with Eli, he turns the world into darkness ans she must do everything to save it.

    The closure is closing in! Now that Sakura returned to the future, Eli appears and reveals his true form, but before Sakura has time to confront him, he casts a spell that turns the sky into darkness, making everyone but Sakura and the others fall asleep. Ruby fights Yue and SpinnerSun fight Keroberos. Sakura asks what he's done and tells her. She finds out that if she doesn't regain light before dawn, everyone will sleep forever. Running out of time, Yue and Keroberos escape from SpinnerSun and Ruby to tell Sakura that if they merge with the staff, she will have enough power to transform the Light and Dark Cards. If she can't transform them, they will die and be stuck in the staff forever. What will happen? Can she save the world? The Battle continues in "Revelations Part 2".moreless
Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Shaoran Li / Li Showron (2nd movie)

Philece Sampler

Philece Sampler

Spinner Sun and Kaho Mizuki / Layla MacKenzie (2nd movie)

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara

Madison Taylor

Matt Hill (III)

Matt Hill (III)


Joshua Seth

Joshua Seth

Takashi Yamazaki / Zackery (2nd movie)

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Kero and Sonomi Daidouji (2nd movie)

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