Season 3 Episode 24

Revelations (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Sakura is worried that she won't be able to transform the Light and Dark cards, even with Kero Beros' and Yue's help. She knows that if she can't, Kero Beros and Yue will die and everyone in the world will sleep forever. Yue reasures Sakura that whatever she choses, they will be with her as all of their fates are in her hands. She makes up her mind: Kero Beros and Yue will go inside the staff. They go in and the staff transforms. Now she is strong enough to transform the cards. She starts to transform them. She tries harder and harder but they only go half way. They start to turn back again, but Li grabs the staff and says Sakura can do it. The cards transform and she sets the Light card out. The world is brightened, everyone wakes and Kero Beros and Yue come out of the staff, causing it to turn back. Kero Beros demands an explanation from Eli but he has disappeared with Spinner and Ruby. The next day, the class is told Eli is transferring back to England. Sakura, Li and Madison agree to go to his house. They go in and open a door. Suddenly, bangers go off; it's a tea party in honor of Sakura transforming the cards. Kero demands to know why Eli challenged her. Eli reveals it was because Clow Reed wanted to test Sakura of being a worthy master. Eli couldn't do it on his own. Miss MacKenzee was helping! All ends up being explained, however, Yue is annoyed. He wants to know why, if Clow Reed was being reincarnated, they were forced to choose a new master. Eli reveals that though he has memories of his past, he is not Clow Reed, so Yue and Kero Beros had to have a new master. Li asks to talk to Sakura the next day. He tells her he has to go back home on the weekend. They are both sad and Sakura wishes he could stay. Sakura is in her bedroom and she starts to cry. She thinks that Li is really gone. A tear falls to the ground and disappears. Suddenly, the Clow symbol appears on the ground. Lights fly into a small orb in front of Sakura and appears as a card. It has the Star card design. She turns it round. We suddenly jump to a front view of Sakura so as to not see the front of the card. She looks at the font and smiles. The screen goes black and the Star card's back appears and slowly turns around. It is a heart with wings. The word Hope appears in the name section. Sakura says 'Maybe there is hope...'